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Iodine Infusion – 3
Mucosal Support – 3
VitaCare – 3
CVS – 3
Immune Support – 3
Crypto Care – 3
Lymph Care – 3
OpureCare – 3
Lymph complete – 3
Lymph Care II – 3
Lung Care – 3
Skyfall – 3
Relife – 3
Geno 1 – 3
Geno 2 – 3
Geno 2h – 3
Geno 3 – 3
Geno 4 – 3
Geno 5 – 3

Iodine Infusion (1 fl. oz) × 3

Because Iodine is utilized by every cell in the body, it is not uncommon to have a deficiency. There is mounting evidence that iodine deficiency is becoming an alarming statistic in mineral deficiency testing (hair). The fact that iodine is a highly valent mineral, it’s important to know that it also gets pushed around by chlorine, fluorine, and bromine which are stronger and can displace iodine in the thyroid gland. Also, after an Xray or exposure to radiation (EMF) or air travel (ultraviolet microwave etc.) the iodine gets used up and leads to cellular exhaustion. Iodine has been shown to become a wellness preventative—meaning that it supports so many tissues that when it is depleted, many body systems can suffer. Don’t forget iodine has been shown to protect upper lymph tissues (breast) and build spleen/immunity just as its natural function. Light in a bottle. The reason it’s so healing is that it has 53 electrons and is full of energy!

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Mucosal Support (4 fl. oz) × 3

Mucosal Support has soothing herbs such as Marshmallow Root, Elecampane, Angelica, Coltsfoot, and Ivy to offer support to the mucosal linings.

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VitaCare (1 fl.oz) × 3

When the body feels achy, tired, and run down, there are some vital nutritional herbs that can help. VitaCare has those herbs, and it is based on Cinchona Bark which is a great tissue alkalizer. VitaCare supports the nasal tissues, the sinus, and the lungs. If there is a ‘scratchy’ feeling, use VitaCare. Also uses additional extracts from: Chaga Mushroom, Moringa Leaf, European Elderberry Fruit, Yellow Dock Root, Honduran Sarsaparilla Root, Star Anise, Juniper Berry, Shiitake Mushroom Fruit Body, Angelica Root, Rosemary Leaf and Hops Flower.

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CVS (1 fl. oz) × 3

A tissue soothing formulation with Moringa, Shaggy Mane Mushroom, Fo-Ti, and Olive Leaf as key ingredients.

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Immune Support (1 fl. oz) × 3

This product can be sprayed often and can support the soft epithelial layer tissues. Some of the key herbs include Kudzu (Fen Ke) Root, Baikal Skullcap Root, Eucalyptus Leaf, Andrographis Leaf, Astragalus Root, Balloon Flower Root, and Chaga Mushroom. Chaga Mushroom on birch trees are known to offer very strong immune support and is very rare.

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Crypto Care (2 fl. oz) × 3

A healthy and balanced gut microbiome is beneficial. Crypto Care will aid in that balance. The microbiome is normally balanced by the terrain. Sometimes, if someone has taken an antibiotic, a fungal prescription, or even a parasitic medication, Crypto Care is a great addition to keep the balance!

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Lymph Care (1 fl. oz) × 3

Whole body lymphatic system support for overall body tissues. Added with the immune building efforts of the thymus, Lymph Care is great for extra cellular drainage support. Marshmallow Root, Poke Root, New Jersey Tea, and Mexican Sarsaparilla are supported by Speedwell, Thuja, and Thyme leaves. Other supporting herbs are uniquely blended into the formulation so that a deep cleaning action activates and stimulates lymphatic flow, yet stimulates the immune functions of the lymph nodes.

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Lymph Care II (1 fl. oz) × 3

A general use whole-body lymphatic drainage product: With added immune building efforts in support of the thymus, Lymph Care II is great for INTRA CELLULAR, gentle drainage. It carries the same formula as Lymph Care itself, but all ingredients are at a strength density designed for inner cell support.

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Lymph Complete (1 fl. oz) × 3

Sometimes the lymphatic system becomes sluggish and doesn’t flow properly. Various parts of the body can accumulate fluids around the joints and underneath the arms. Combined with exercise and an adequate water intake, supports the lymphatic as it ‘cleans’ out debris. Lymphatic drainage is important. Good for both upper and lower lymphatic drainage this complex can be considered a ‘whole body’ lymphatic support with Figwort, Andrographis, and Barberry Root to lead the way. Clients will like this formula. Be sure to move the body and get adequate hydration.

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Opure Care (4 fl. oz) × 3

Opure Care supports deep tissue cleansing. Used as a bridge between Genos and Lymph, this formula is very profound. The reader may not be aware of this, but all organs have an ‘excess toxins drain’ function which is termed the ‘organ sinus.’ This drain is used to DTOX the organ at the deeper mesenchyme layer. (Inside the organ, Parenchyma is the outer layer.) OpureCare supports direct organ drainage and deep extracellular cleansing. The formulation is unique because it includes: extracts of Garlic Root, Chickweed, Stone Root, Barberry Root, and Heal All to name a few. It also is endowed with two Nobel minerals: Gold and Silver.

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Lung Care (1 fl. oz) × 3

Oxygenation is vital. When the lungs need some extra help, use Lung Care for lung tissue support. Vitality of the lungs also supports the large intestines. Consider Lung Care to support the lung’s capacity to function more fully and eliminate acids at the cellular level. Red Oak bark and Mansa Leaf are mainstays in supporting the lungs, but they are supported by many other critical herbs such as Wild Cherry Bark and Red Reishi Mushroom extract.

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Skyfall (1 fl. oz) × 3

Designed as a Tissue Support and Upper lymphatic drainer, it can also support immune function that supports the tissues and fluids that surround the brain itself. The natural herb blend offers a synergistic way to provide balanced DTOXification and immune support in a unique blend of Cordyceps mushroom, Baikal Skullcap and Astragalus for immune support, and Blackberry, Pomegranate, and Spirulina for cleansing, and Pine Bark, Pinella Pine Needle, and Parsley to remove toxins. This is a great addition to melatonin which is a perfect brain DTOXification support product.

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ReLife (1 fl. oz) × 3

This formulation will support balance in the nervous system. Expertly, hand crafted with the synergistic blend of naturally calming and biological supporting herbs such as Ashwagandha, Lemon Balm, Passionflower, Ginkgo Biloba, St John’s Wort, Rhodiola, and Valerian. Few formulations offer the building plus calming benefits of adaptogens and relaxation in one formula.

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Genophasic 1 (1 fl. oz) × 3

Genophasic 1 is a synergistic recovery/support-based herb complex blended with Nobel Minerals and cellular resources for Phase 1 plus cellular apoptosis. When cells die, they send minerals and light to the new cell and transfer their energy to the new cell. The old cell dies and must be dismantled or DTOXified. This is an ongoing cellular process, day and night. This is Apoptosis.

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Genophasic 2 (1 fl. oz) × 3

Genophasic 2 is a synergistic recovery/support-based herb complex blended with Nobel Minerals and cellular resources for Phase 2 plus cellular apoptosis.

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Genophasic 2H (1 fl. oz) × 3

Genophasic 2H is a synergistic recovery/support-based herb complex blended with Nobel Minerals and cellular resources for Phase 1 plus cellular apoptosis.

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Genophasic 3 (1 fl. oz) × 3

Genophasic 3 is a synergistic recovery/support-based herb complex blended with Nobel Minerals and cellular resources for Phase 3 plus cellular apoptosis.

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Genophasic 4 (1 fl. oz) × 3

Genophasic 4 is a synergistic recovery/support-based herb complex blended with Nobel Minerals and cellular resources for Phase 4 plus cellular apoptosis.

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Genophasic 5 (1 fl. oz) × 3

Prodcut Description: Genophasic 5 is a synergistic recovery/support-based herb complex blended with Nobel Minerals and cellular resources for Phase 5 plus cellular apoptosis.

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Teasel Care (2 fl. oz) × 3

Teasel has been used for connective tissue support and lifting the ‘weave’ so to speak during the tissue cleansing process. It supports skeletal muscles, tendons, bones, and joints. Teasel Care may aid in the elimination of excess fluids. Supports the skin and hormone production.

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Bronchial Care (4 fl. oz) × 3

Elecampane, Lobelia with Thyme and European Elderberry join forces to support bronchial tissues under duress. Both soothing and supportive, Bronchial Care, offers simple support for the bronchial system.

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Note: for better compliance with the FDA, we've adjusted our descriptions on the majority of our products. A PDF guide with full product descriptions will be available soon.