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Learn effective BioBalance therapies with portable technology & education to help you re-balance clients non-invasively.

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Ready to join the forefront in human evolution and cultural change?

New Human brings 20 years in research, technology innovation and product development. Investing in the New Human empowers you to offer the most accurate and effective BioBalancing therapies to your clients and grow as a confident practitioner.

Getting a Scan

Rebalance Happier, Healthier Clients

Discover technology that brings your patient's closer to their core.

Within the fabric of the Human Being lies a Global Solution...a catalyst for evolution in consciousness and culture.

“It is the best system on the market par none! Every healthcare professional should have a SpectraVision. It is like having another healthcare provider in your practice as a health consultant. It covers aspects of natural healthcare that other systems don’t. It will expand a provider’s practice as well as his or her success rate when serving his or her clients. The SpectraVision is a win/win for both practitioner and client. SpectraVision is the only way to go!”

-Dr. Edward C. Sullivan DC, DNM, BD, PhD.

10.5 Trillion Minutes Spent Fulfilling Our Promise to You

Natural Technology

Simplified, Yet Sophisticated

Personalized therapies driven by quantifiably correct assessment. This ideal in wellness care is now a reality with SpectraVision 2.0 Insight. New Human’s portable, user friendly BioBalancing technology brings the future of wellness to your practice today.

Bionetics™ is the use of sophisticated bio assessment equipment and complex computer software to identify the stress patterns within body. By identifying these stress patterns, practitioners then take steps to influence, change or attempt to modify them to improve the wellbeing of their patient.

Natural Education

With Comprehensive Training for You & Your Clients

As leading pioneers in the field of Bionetics, our hands-on and online trainings are a significant part of becoming a successful practitioner. The sequence of trainings are logically ordered, and each training builds cumulatively upon the last, with certification as a Bionetic Practitioner brings the future of wellness to your practice today.

Natural Science

MultiDimensional Solutions

New Human continues to bring the finest quality botanical and nutraceutical support to your clients. Through practitioner input, we recognize and meet the changing needs of our community with the most advanced products on the market.

These products encourage higher vibrational influences to aid the body, emotions, mind, spirit, and soul. The animating force of life, inner intelligence has an affinity for higher purposes and a desire to be in equilibrium or balance. Experience has shown that by addressing the inner intelligence of the body, the healing effect is heightened with fewer complications. Our products work with the body to encourage its natural processes in the order that the body would like them to be addressed

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