Our Company

Transformational Technologies Inc.

New Human is now doing business under a new corporate structure.  We are the same people, just with a new name. The new company is called Transformational Technologies Inc. Soon it will become New Human DBA. 

This new business structure will allow us to grow with a more stable presence in the wellness industry. Over the last 24 months, New Human has been moving all of our operations to North Carolina. We are excited that we are ready to grow. We are excited to meet the demand for new practitioners seeking technology that far surpasses any other energetic type devices in the market today! 

We are searching to find and support those healers who are ready to partner with our brand, as a trendsetting company. A company that knows the Bioenergetic Human Development and Wellness Market. A company with integrity that assists them as they assist others using Advanced Technology and BioDynamic Products in their wellness clinic.  

Our Mission

To empower counselors with knowledge, tools, and effective product support to unlock the innate healing ability of the human body through the use of Spectravision® Bionetic Biofield Assessment Technology®.

At New Human: We are shifting perspectives about healing and achieving complete mind, body and spirit wellbeing.

Transformation Technologies Inc. Corporate Overview

New Human specializes in the scientific integration of holistic wellness philosophies and complementary alternative medicine (CAM). We combine the best of modern technology, traditional Eastern health philosophies, and related mind/body science. We provide a non-invasive, effective, and natural approach for optimizing health and promoting wellness.

New Human incorporates techniques and principles for use in health clinics, that are common in alternative health such as:  chiropractic care, naturopathy, applied kinesiology, homeopathy, acupuncture, herbology, nutrition, and laser therapy. We specialize in our Bionetic Biofield Assessment Technology®. We also have safe, whole food, small-batch crafted and tested, botanical and complementary products to support the body.  

Our technology, the Spectravision®, (a completely non-invasive technology) is used as an aid to reduce physiological stress response in the nervous system. This autonomic response,  which is caused by inappropriate defense reactions to stressful events and often to specific environmental substances, can interfere with metabolism. The Spectravision® aids in reducing learned neurological stress events. This process is aided through the use of induction low-level light therapy protocols, and clinical support. These processes strengthen the body and support the immune system.  Our technology is a practical and fundamental addition to any wellness practice because this type of biofeedback can hone in on the complexities of life and simplify the mystery of stress and stress responses at a cellular level. 

New Human, offers key tools for use in an active stress management lifestyle.

Our goal as a company is to help people gain and realize their full potential with improved levels of health by reducing the impacts of stress on the body. By using our technology and multidimensional micro herbal products, incorporating the New Human lifestyle approach they are integrating an active stress management approach to life.  

With integrity as the key, at New Human, we are guided by a client before profit approach, and we are seeking like-minded people, who share our principles and ideology, to join us!  

Welcome to the New Human Family!

Our Team of Specialists

Lee Woolley, Founder & SpectraVision Inventor

Lee received his Doctorate in Bioenergetic Medicine from The Institute of Bioenergetic Medicine in Colorado.  He is a Doctor of Natural Medicine, and holds a BS degree in Psychophysiology and Holistic Studies from Norwich University. Additionally he has been certified in Herbology and Nutrition by the British Institute of London and is certified as a Biofeedback Practitioner. He has been a member of the Biofeedback Practitioners Association providing Auricular and LLLT Laser Therapy to his patients.

Scott Johnson, Captain

Scott is the Vice President of New Human. He has been working with the SpectraVision technology for 19 years, specializing in customer support, manufacturing and development. Scott strives to help his practitioners and co-workers maintain their success and wellbeing. He has a mind that never stops looking at ways to better the New Human experience. On his off time, you can usually find him in the mountains, in or on a body of water!

Will Mosley Profile 20200405 - sm

Creative Director, Film Director & Full Stack Developer. Father of 4 boys. Married to Laura Mosley.

Extremely passionate about self-worth,  self-awareness, & expression of creativity. I’m a strong supporter of equal rights for gender, ethnicity, sexuality. I’m a massive advocate for self-education in a digital era. In love with the process of documenting life through film: where memories live on, and those memories can alter the perspective of anyone viewer. Changing how they value themselves and their quality of life.  I work endlessly building the New Human brand. Much of my work is providing the architecture for our holistic community to exist in and designing educational and promotional assets for short term sales and long term learning.

Lou Tuttle

Lou is a Filipina and was born in the Philippines. She’s lived in the United States for 27 years and loves being in the cold weather rather than in 100 degrees with humidity all year long.  She is a mother of two beautiful kids, Anthony (21) and Stephanie (12), who are her world. She is also a proud grandma of two, Sawyer (1) and Lilian (due 7/2019). She worked at Kmart for 24 years as a Department Manager in Health and Beauty Aids and thought working in retail was her life. Once she started working at the New Human, her life changed.  She feels that finding the best people to work with at New Human was a blessing from God and she works hard every day to help the company grow.