Horehound Aerial

This herb is commonly used to treat coughing, sore throats, and bronchitis as well as being used as an expectorant and a digestive aid. Other less common uses are for treating dyspepsia, loss of appetite, bloating, and flatulence. Horehound is used in cough drops and candies as a means to sooth a sore throat or cough as well. Another way to prepare this herb is in a bitter tonic that is used as a diuretic and an expectorant. Syrup can also be prepared as a cough remedy.

The horehound is a fragrant herb that is used widely in folk medicines. It is often known to be used as an expectorant. The plant contains marrubin which helps in influencing the bile secretion. According to recent studies the herb contains hypoglycemic effects on the body.

Heart issues
Diabetic ailments: like irregular sugar levels
Intestinal disorders due to worms
Menstrual disorders like cramping, pain etc
Controlling levels of blood pressure
It is helpful relieve for cough
The entire plant of Marrubium Vulgare belongs to the family of Lamiaceae and is used widely to relieve menstrual problems. It is an expectorant and is helpful in relieving respiratory disorders. The leaves of the plant are used to provide relief in case of burns, inflammation and wounds. A tonic created from the plant is used to relieve problems of the stomach. Horehound powder is used to relieve digestive problems and control blood sugar levels. The juice made from Marrubium Vulgare can be useful in relieving problems of cold.

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