Calcium Iodide

The attenuations are prepared from Calcium iodide, CaI2 · 4 H2O, MW: 366.0.

The main indications are:
Chronic glandular indurations, goitre. Hypertrophy of the tonsils.
The iodine component of this remedy is responsible for activating metabolic processes and connective tissue function. Thus Calcium Iodatum is to be preferred to Calcium Carbonicum in many cases.
Its use is recommended in hypertrophy of the parotid glands, congestive coryza, polypi, bronchitis, pleural effusion, knee-joint effusions, chronic infection of the bones, adenoma of the mammary glands, chronic hydrocephalus, facial paralysis, phlyctenular conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers in scrofulous children – who also exhibit swollen tonsils and cervical glands, and in blepharitis, chronic otitis with hardness of hearing and involvement of the bones, and galactorrhoea of women who are not nursing (if Pulsatilla fails).
The German Monograph-Preparation Commission for the Homoeopathic Field of Therapy has, under the Preparation Monograph for Calcium iodatum, published the following indication(s) in the German Bundesanzeiger (German Federal Gazette) for calcium iodatum: enlargement of the lymph nodes; tonsillar swelling; chronic purulent otitis media; tendency to common colds; goiterous disorders; ulcerous varicose veins.

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