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As leading pioneers in the field of Bionetics, New Human is committed to your competence in using our technology and protocols! Our hands-on and online training is a vital part in ensuring this happens. With over 300 lessons in multiple tracks, and an option to become a Certified Bionetic Counselor, you’ll have all the tools you need to excel in energetic healing for your clients.

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Currently, we offer three protocol trainings

(with a fourth in development)


ECPR Training

Emotional Center Point Release (ECPR) is a technology-free training and is prerequisite for our newest protocol, NeurOset.


Intro to Bionetics Training

This hands-on training will show you how to use your new SpectraVision system plus Bionetic wellness protocol with clients.


Voll Polarity Training

Voll Polarity Therapy is the second level training for use with SpectraVision technology, EmOtox is a prerequisite for attendance at this training.

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Praise for our training

Seminar feedback for Lee.

Thank you for the amazing training seminars you offer. You create a comfortable learning environment that is healing in and of itself. Each time I have attended a Newhuman training I have a learned so much and found myself planning for when I can come back. It is great to hear you answer questions on natural health and healing and explain how the Newhuman products have been developed and how to best use them. I would love for you to schedule an advanced polarity training to come back and build on what we learned with others who have already taken the class also. In a nutshell I loved the training, found it immensely beneficial and can't wait to come back for more!

Steve Newburn

“Love what we are doing!! I have reached out to a client of mine who is running a mentor for teenagers here in Texas, to see about what doors might open there for me to help them with ECPR. I am so excited about this I can barely sleep!!”

- Diane McAllister

“Dr. Woolley, I honor your connection to Source, you walking your talk, & the resulting genius the rest of us get to benefit from. Thank you again for ECPR, and the freedom that results way beyond what I have seen/experienced before! A huge blessing!!

- Sally T.”

“They are wonderful. Rarely seen such a display of love and kindness."

- Annbritt E. Johannesen

“Oh my gosh yes, it was sooooooo amazing. What a great weekend!"

- Ann Gikes

"I just wanted to say I was really impressed with Lee's Vol Class last week. Both Joda and Lee were so very generous and accommodating whilst providing some really cool cutting edge info. Thanks guys!"

- Heather Mackenzie

"The polarity class was great and very informative. Loved it. Thank you Lee and Joda."

- Debi Lapina Rice

“Wowzers. I took VPT last Fall and thought I would be bored. Same protocol but lots of new info. Like taking a drink out of a fire hydrant!!!"

- Charles Horndt

“The EMOTOX training weekend exceeded my expectations ten fold! Thank you so much for the opportunity. It was an amazing weekend!”

- David H.

“It was an awesome weekend!”

- Michelle Corzine

Educational materials for your clients

Our high-quality educational materials further explain and demystify the power of Bionetics to your clients


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