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Stress & Anxiety

Stress is the go-to word for why people get sick. It is the number one reason for pain and the thing behind almost all doctors' visits. If stress could be mitigated, then people would get sick much less often. However, stress is a reality and everyone deals with it in some form or another every day. The entire body stores stress, and it causes many down-stream illnesses as a result. Insomnia, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, colds and virus', diabetes, circulation issues, to name a few. Stress negatively affects the energy flow in the body and the capacity to recover from illnesses. At New Human, the majority of our work focus' on stress and how it affects the physiology and emotional well being of your clients.

The following New Human botanicals are designed to support the body and modulate the effects of stress, alongside an active stress management plan.

Our favorite products for this condition:

Stress and Healing

Emotional stress is all too common and, left ignored, can cause perceptible and measurable changes in physiology. This can be harmful enough, but a potentially greater threat can come from the imperceptible changes that occur. These changes often remain unresolved, creating stressors that can lead to illness and disease.

Norman Cousins, in his book Head First, reports the finding of Aaron Frederick Rassmussen, Jr., immunologist at the UCLA School of Medicine, who “explored the relationship between stress and susceptibility to viral infection... and found that stress diminished the size of the immune organs and the number of immune cells and increased the severity of illness reactions to viral exposure.”

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Stress & SpectraVision

Stress can be defined as a maladaptive response to change in the environment. The psychophysiology techniques employed through the use of SpectraVision feedback systems are being used with great success in determining the current stress status of the individual and selecting the best modes of therapy for the elimination of the stressors.

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