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terrain factors


There are many reasons why do sensitivity exists in the body. Most often it is a misappropriation of the nervous system's association to an earlier stress event. Often the reaction is linked to a portion of food. All foods have a biochemical makeup that is divinely created to create its flavor or aroma. These biochemicals are known as phenols. You may be familiar with Vanillin from Vanilla or Peperine from black pepper.

During emotional stress, if a food is in the digestive tract, any phenols can be confused by the brain as cellular messengers and they can get confused with the body's own biochemistry.

The following NH Botanicals aid in the reduction of sensitivity responses due to phenolic burdens in the body. Processing phenolics in the body, after the emotional links are removed (LLLT) requires adequate levels of minerals and enzymatic functions which are often hindered due to a prolonged issue causing weakness and cellular matrix permeability.

Our favorite products for this condition:

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