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Genophasic 6 Restore


The right spin of the blood is vital for creating the electromagnetic energy needed to turn health around, which results in more client vitality and balance. The higher the spin, the more bioelectricity is generated and available for this task. Our Genophasic and Lymph product lines turns the crank and clear the pathways that power these energy systems.

If you attended our Introduction to Bionetics class, then you probably remember our mantra, “stop the drop and open the lymph!” These two steps are game-changers when it comes to turning around the health of your clients. Stopping the drop means mitigating the stressors to the body, and balancing neurochemical, endocrine, and immunological functions so your clients can start feeling better fast. IT changes their 'actual energy flow.'

The Genophasic line is most commonly recommended for imprinting after a scan and is best used in combination with one of our lymph formulations; it’s the combination of these two that helps to open the lymph and stop the drop. The Geno provides a ‘push’ while the lymph product provides an open road for the toxins to exit the body.

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