Nerve Support (1 fl. oz)


The nervous system is bioelectrical in nature and for it to be fully effective, the two phases of the autonomic nervous system, which is dialectic; sympathetic (action/go) is paired with the para-sympathetic (rest/digest). The two can’t operate simultaneously, so one side must give into the other side. When our lives get so involved that we eat on the run, don’t get ‘ready for bed’ to really get true rest, then we are keeping the sympathetic system ‘on.’ The need to support the Nervous System switching is vital because the nerves must respond to our inner lives as well as our physical stress. The two-phase process is important for healing. The rest and digest also include sleep and peaceful thinking. This is why meditation has been found to be useful. Nerve support using synergistic herbs includes extracts from: Passionflower, Icelandic Moss, Jujube Fruit, Magnolia Bark, American Skullcap, White Pine Bark, Muira Puama, Wood Betony, and Black Cohosh Root.

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Ingredients: Extracts from: Icelandic Moss, Jujube Fruit, Passionflower Aerial, Black Cohosh Root, Magnolia Bark, American Skullcap Aerial, Wood Betony Herb Aerial, White Pine Bark, Muira Puama, Water, Organic Sugar Cane Ethanol, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate

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