Yerba Mansa Leaf

Medicinal use of Yerba Mansa: Yerba mansa was widely employed by the native North American Indians to treat a wide variety of complaints. It is little used in modern herbalism. The whole plant is analgesic, antiperiodic, antiphlogistic, blood purifier, disinfectant, diuretic, laxative, stomachic and vulnerary. The plant is infused and used to bathe aching muscles and sore feet. The root is chewed for affections of the mucous membranes. A tea made from the root is used as a blood purifier and general pain remedy, and as a treatment for pleurisy, gonorrhoea, syphilis and menstrual cramps. An infusion of the plant is used in the treatment of colds, chest congestion and stomach ulcers. The dried and powdered plant is used as a disinfectant on wounds whilst the fresh moist leaves are used as a poultice or salve on burns, cuts and wounds. An infusion of the bark is used as a wash for open sores.
Mucus production (catarrh).
Stomach and intestine problems.
Throat problems.
Skin problems.
Sexually transmitted diseases.
Other conditions.