Walnut Seed

Walnut belongs to kingdom Plantae and Juglandaceae family. Its binomial name is “Juglans regia” which is Latin in origin. In Hindi, it is also called ‘akhrot’. It is also called Butter-nut or white walnut which is the species of walnut native to US and Canada.

Appearance and properties of walnut
The bark of the tree is dusty black in color and has lateral fissures. The leaves are dense and its roots are hairy. The tree bears green-colored unisex flowers which are rectangular in shape. The tree grows 40-200 ft tall.

Unripe walnuts
Walnut tree with fruits
When the fruit is unripe it is covered into a green colored husk; as it gets ripen the husk bursts and the brown colored fruits comes out. The unripe fruits are round with yellow spots at their ends. The tree flowers in spring and bears fruit in autumn.

Walnut kernel contains 40-45% of oil in it; so when you touch or eat it; you will feel an oily taste. It contains jugladic acid and oxalic acid in it. Except for the seed and its oil, all parts of walnut are astringent in nature.

Broken husk of walnut
Ripe walnut

Walnuts and its medical benefits
As every natural grown substance has some medicinal properties in it; similarly walnuts are also rich in health benefits as well as medicinal properties. So, let’s have a look at all these-

Good for hairs and skin
You must have seen, many of the beauty products like oil, scrub, cleansers etc contain some amount of walnut in it. For skin, consume 2-4 walnuts with milk on a daily basis. It will make your skin shine and bright.

You can also apply the oil to your skin to get the soft and supple texture. You can erase your wrinkle, signs of aging by including walnuts in your diet. It also rejuvenates your hair texture and makes it lustrous and healthier.

Increase brain intellect
These brain shaped kernels are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients which grows intellect. Take 25-50 gm of walnut seeds regularly. It helps in stabilizing the brain. You can also have ‘Badam Rogan’ with milk as it has the best capacity to grow brain health.

Cures urinary disorders
Tweak 50 gm of walnut seeds, 40 gm of charm and 10 gm cotton seeds. Mix and grind them together. Now, in a small amount of glee roast it. Add the equal amount of sugar candy to it and preserve in a container.

Take 25 gm of this mixture every morning. You will start getting the results in few days only. Keep in mind, after having the mixture don’t take milk as it can be bad for health.

Aiding in parasitic worms
Many of us op[t to allopathic medicines and liquids to kill the intestinal parasites. But that can be bad for future references. In place of all these, opt for walnuts. Prepare a decoction of walnut bark. Give 60-80 gm of this decoction; it is able to kill the intestinal worms.

Cures Goitre
Goitre is a problem related to thyroid. You can cure it using walnut. Prepare a fine paste of walnut bark using water. Heat the paste and apply it on the swelling part. After applying, place a bandage over it; it will be able to resist enough heat. Within 10-15 days the swelling will melt and be cured. Repeat the process twice a day.

Cough cure
If you are suffering from a cough or throat infection then chew roasted walnut seeds. Burn the walnut along its outer cover completely on fire. As it forms ash, take 1 gm of ash with 5 gm of honey; it helps in controlling cough and other throat problems.

So, in this way, we saw numerous benefits of walnuts. These natural things are really fabulous! Mother nature has produced them with so elegance that these are like nectar for the present world. Go natural, stay well!