Vidari Kanda Root

Ipomoea Digitata is a flowering plant that grows in Asia and especially in India and has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine for hundreds of years… and it has many health benefits.

Ipomoea Digitata given over a period of time in clinical trials decreased systolic blood pressure by almost 40 points and diastolic blood pressure by almost 20 points. This is a very significant finding… and it took place over a period of 2 months.

And Ipomoea Digitata is a good stimulant thus helping to increase vitality and energy. At the same time Ipomoea Digitata regulates menstrual periods and can be used for treatment of enlarged liver and spleen.

Also Ipomoea Digitata helps to prevent fat from accumulating in the body and thus helps with obesity. Ipomoea Digitata contains powerful antioxidants such as beta-sitosterol which can help get rid of free radicals and thus help with preventing disease by boosting the immune system. Plus it can also lower cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular events and strokes… and studies show a significant lowering of LDL or bad cholesterol and triglycerides with Ipomoea Digitata.

Ipomoea Digitata contains lots of healing compounds including phenolic compounds, saponins for boosting the immune system and preventing cancer, sterols that lower cholesterol, alkaloids for pain and inflammation, tannins which are polyphenols which help to boost the immune system, carbohydrates, oils, and glycosides that are important for preventing cancer.

And Ipomoea Digitata has been used for regulating menstrual periods because it contains ergonovine and powerful alkaloid… and for stimulating milk production, and also increasing libido and semen production. And it also promotes oxytocin which helps with bleeding after child birth, lowers blood pressure, helps with stress, and gives one a feeling of calmness and connectedness.

And it can also help with nagging coughs and soothes the GI tract from intestinal disorders and can even help with ulcers and hemorrhoids. Plus it’s a good anti-inflammatory agent thus helping with pain and stiffness. Also studies show that Ipomoea Digitata can also lower blood sugar and thus help those suffering from diabetes.

Ipomoea Digitata is also a good strengthen enhancement agent and rejuvenating tonic for old age.