Prickly Ash Bark

Traditional uses

It is useful to treat cramps, chronic rheumatic conditions, intermittent claudication and rheumatic symptoms.
The berries are useful for circulatory disorders.
When the bark and leaves are chewed, it causes numbness of mouth, tongue and teeth which provides relief from toothache.
Fruits possess stimulant, diaphoretic properties and is used as a tonic for stomach and digestive ailments.
It is useful for ague, fevers and poor circulation.
Bark and roots are used to comfort pain due to toothache.
Chew the bark to promote copious salivation.
Rub fruit on skin such as mouth or lips to produce temporary sensation loss.
The tincture or tea prepared from bark is used to treat dyspepsia, rheumatism, dysentery, kidney and heart problems.
Consume tea prepared from inner bark for treating itchy skin.
In United States, it is used for typhoid, chronic rheumatism, impurity of blood and skin diseases.
It is used as a tonic for cramps, colic, lethargy and cholera.
Powdered bark is used to heal the wounds.
Southern prickly ash is helpful for blood circulation problems in fingers and legs, menstrual cramps, sores, toothache, ongoing joint pain and ulcers.
Boil the inner bark with root of sarsaparilla and drink it to gain strength during illness.
Bark was used by Comanches to treat sore throat, fever and toothache.
In 19th century, it is used to stimulate circulatory system and cure arthritis.
In Ayurvedic medicine, it is used for headache, toothache, ear and eye conditions, colic, dyspeptic symptoms, fever, diarrhea, worm infestation, asthma, coughs, fever, leprosy and paralysis.
The tincture helps to stimulate blood flow to stiff and painful joints and promotes supply of nutrients and oxygen to the areas and eliminates waste products.
Combine the decoction with ginger which promotes circulation.
It provides relief from gas, diarrhea and tones digestive health.
Apply it topically to chronic pelvic inflammatory disease and leg ulcers.
In South Africa, it is used as a treatment for rheumatic conditions.
Use it internally to heal varicose eczema and skin ulcers.