Poppy Seed

Therapeutic Uses of Papaver Somniferum
It has a variety of therapeutic uses –

Seeds are used in fever, thirst, to relieve irritation and inflammation of the stomach.
Various cooling medicines are made by using its root.
The powder is used in case of liver problems.
Used as a tonic because of stimulating properties present in the root.
Roots of plants are also used to make an infusion which is used as a fever relieving medicine.
Nutrient Composition
Poppy seeds contain a large number of carbohydrates, protein, fat fiber and moisture. It contains around 25 alkaloids like morphine, codeine, narcotine, narcine, and papaverine. It also contains minerals like calcium and phosphorus. Oxalic acid and opium are found in its sap. They are rich sources of fatty acids, especially omega-3 fatty acids. Diastase, lipase, and nuclease enzymes are also present in it.

Major Alkaloids Found in Papaver Somniferum
1. Morphine
Pharmaceutical Use – It has analgesic and narcotic action.

2. Codeine
Pharmaceutical Use – It has analgesic and antitussive action.

3. Thebaine
Pharmacological Use – It is a precursor of opioids.

4. Narcotine
Pharmacological Use – It has antitussive action.

5. Papaverine
Pharmacological Use – It has anti-spasmodic action.

Ayurvedic Properties of Papaver Somniferum
Rasa – Kashaya, Tikta

Taste – Astringent, bitter

Guna – Laghu, Ruksha, Suksham, Vikashi, Vyavayi

Virya – Ushna

Vipaka – Katu

Physical property – Light, dry, minute, spreading, expanding

Potency – Hot

Metabolic property (After Digestion) – Pungent

Part Used
The whole plant has many uses but mainly seed, seed oil, exudate from fruit and unripe seed capsule are used for medications.

Papaver Somniferum Seeds
They are white, brown, yellow and nearly black, obtained from the capsules. They are pleasant and nut-like in taste and odor. After the successful drying of the capsule on the plant, the poppy seeds can be collected. They have a reticulate surface. It is also known as Poppy Seeds.

Health Benefits of Papaver Somniferum
This plant has various health benefits –

Digestion – Poppy seeds are very useful to keep our digestive system healthy.
Insomnia – 30 grams of poppy seed milk mixed with sugar is very beneficial in treating insomnia, Poppy oil can also be used.
Dry itching – When poppy seeds are mixed with lime juice in a paste form when this paste is applied over the affected area, relief occurs.
Dysentry – Seeds are mainly used. Saute one-fourth teaspoon of poppy seeds in honey till it becomes golden brown. Take it twice a day but not for more than three days as it has a sedative effect.
Burning Sensation and Heat – Poppy root paste when applied externally over the affected area helps to relieve burning sensation.
Breast Cancer – Poppy seeds are rich in oleic acid, hence used in breast cancer treatment.
Joints Pain – It is also effective in joints pain, gout and arthritis.
Heart Attacks – Poppy seeds oil is very useful.
Energy – As they have high carbohydrate content so useful in enhancing our energy.
Muscular and Other Pains – It is useful in neuralgic and muscular pain. It is also helpful in relieving painful piles. It gives relief in tooth pain when opium centigram is placed in the hollow of the tooth.
Effects on Dosha
This herb is Madakari, Grahi (absorbent), hara and, Sukrastambhakswashar (good for respiratory tract), nidrajanan (sedative), balya (strengthening), vrishya (aphrodisiac), shoolprashmana (pain relieving), It is best used in kasa, atisara, jvaraand nidranasha.

Ayurvedic Products from Papaver Somniferum
Nidrodayavati for various disorders
Nidrodya rasa