Stinging Nettle Root

Many people will probably be unaware of the benefits of nettle leaf. It is a kind of thorny shrub, which causes irritation and tingling sensation upon touching. It causes a scorpion-like sting, which is why it is known as the scorpion herb. By the way, it is also called nettle leaf and its scientific name is Urtica Dioica. Due to its medicinal properties, it offers innumerable health benefits including liver, kidney and heart health. Let's know more about this medicinal herb.

Diabetes control
In type 2 diabetes, Urtica Dioca leaf i.e. scorpion herb is very beneficial for you. Scorpion herb has been used for a long time to treat diabetes as it contains anti-hyperglycemic agents.

Stomach Health
You can also keep the health of the stomach right with the scorpion herb, it is helpful in making your digestive process work properly. Apart from this, the nettle leaves are also helpful in removing the acidity problem caused by wrong eating which sometimes takes a serious form. The anti-ulcer properties present in scorpion herbs help in the problem of ulcers. Not only this, scorpion herb is a boon for relieving stomach ache problems.

nettle leaf tea

Regulates blood pressure
Nowadays the problem of high blood pressure is common, in such a way you can use the scorpion herb with the advice of the doctor, it will also be easily available online. The anti-hypertensive properties present in scorpion herbs greatly help in reducing blood pressure. Which can reduce the problem of high blood pressure, but keep in mind that those who have low blood pressure problem should not consume this herb.

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Maintains Kidney Health
It is also helpful in keeping your kidney health healthy. With the use of scorpion herb, it removes infections and toxins from the body. It helps in treating urinary tract infections.

For skin and hair
Scorpion herbs can make your hair healthy and remove your skin problems. Its use is beneficial in skin eczema. Apart from this, it can also reduce your hair loss problem.

nettle leaves

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Wound healing
Nettle leaf is used as Ayurvedic medicine to heal wounds in injury. The hydroalcoholic extract helps in healing wounds and the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties present in it are beneficial for wound healing. Not only this, it can help to prevent burning pain and blood in the wound.

Ease menstrual pain
It is helpful in relieving women with irregular periods and excessive blood flow problems and pain.