Golden Ragwort Root

Senecio Aureus is commonly known as Golden ragwort, Life – root, Squaw- weed etc. The whole plant is used to prepare the tincture. Senecio is reputed in treating female disorders, urinary and respiratory problems.


Very effective medicine for absence of periods in young girls along with backache.
Menses if present are less in quantity.
Patient may have cough and cold or urine trouble before menses
Painful menses in anaemic females


Kidney stones causing pain and backache
Blood in urine and mucus in urine
Dark color
Small quantity
Constant desire to pass urine


Loose cough, hoarse voice, difficult breathing along with chest pain

people take golden ragwort to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, water retention, bleeding, chest congestion, and spasms.

Women use golden ragwort for treating irregular or painful menstrual periods and symptoms of menopause. They also use it to reduce pain and ease childbirth.

Some people put golden ragwort on the gums to stop bleeding after removal of a tooth.