Citric Acid

The attenuations are prepared from anhydrous Citric acid, C6H8O7, MW: 192.1.

An active factor in the Citric Acid cycle and in redox systems. Impregnation phases of all kinds, also asthma, angina pectoris, pruritus, skin diseases, psoriasis, precancerous states and in neoplasm phases (especially in the early stages), to improve cell-respiration.
Difficult respiration, aggravated on becoming warm, is typical. As in Carbo Vegetabilis, the patient constantly desires fresh air. Thus Citric Acid has a close affinity for respiratory disturbances in the case of tumours, and is also indicated for cancer pains (Boericke).
The patient makes grandiose plans, with steadily increasing cheerfulness and decreasing energy. Alcohol and sugar disagree.
Arteriosclerosis with lapses of memory.
Citric Acid is also helpful in certain complaints arising from Vitamin C deficiency; in spite of a high level of care, children fail to thrive and the oxygenisation of the tissues is insufficient. Old people are only half-awake and repeat every question ten times.
Also characteristic is a total loss of libido. Impotence in men. Infertility. Frigidity. Post-gonorrhoeal state. Hands and feet are cold and damp. Consequences of overdosing with Vitamin D. Dental problems and gingivitis. Scurvy. Blackening of teeth and heavy deposits of dental plaque.
The German Monograph-Preparation Commission for the Homoeopathic Field of Therapy has, under the Preparation Monograph for Acidum citricum, published the following indication(s) in the German Bundesanzeiger (German Federal Gazette) for acidum citricum: bleeding gums; tabetic disorders.
The drug picture of Acidum citricum was composed in March 1996 by David Riley, M.D., Santa Fe (New Mexico), USA.
The most important symptoms from David Riley’s drug proving were:
Essential Characteristics
Generalized sensation of heat or in the face with fever and sweating. Cramping in the chest, abdomen, and uterus. Improvement of the symptom of heartburn.
Mental dullness. Flushes of heat. Temple pain. Heat in the face. Nausea. Abdominal pain. Painful uterine cramping.
Dullness and forgetfulness. Fear of poverty. Weakness of memory for recent thoughts. Weeping during the menses. Dreams of running.
HEAT: flushes of heat, in the afternoon, or the general sensation of heat with perspiration. Sluggishness of the body as if sick.
Sensation of fullness. Lancinating pain is ameliorated by lying down but worse with motion or with stooping. Pain is localized in the temples. Pain also felt on the sides of the head, pressure ameliorates the pain. Pressing pain in the forehead as from sinuses. Throbbing, pulsating pain in the temples, and worse on waking.
Discharge of gluey mucus on waking in the morning. Sensitivity to motion or touch.
Itching in the right ear that is not ameliorated by boring in the ear. Ringing noises in the evening.
Nose Sneezing. Face Heat or flushes of heat in the face, neck, and head. Clenched jaw and tightness of jaw. Herpetic or fever blister eruptions about the mouth and lips.
Dryness. Painful, herpetic vesicles around the lips.
Nausea ameliorated in the open air, or with vomiting. Heartburn improves. Appetite increased.
Pain. Cramping pain in the umbilical region ameliorated from passing flatus or after stool. Cutting pain at midnight causing her to bend double. Distension.
No urging for bowel movement.
Stickiness of feces.
Burning pain without urination. Ineffectual urge to urinate.
Brown in color. Offensive odor. Genitalia, Female
Menses that is copious, too early, or late. Painful uterine cramping, during menses or improvement of that symptom.
Dry, painful, hacking cough.
Sharp crampy pain aggravated by deep breathing. Stitching pain in the left side worse on lying down. Rapid heart beat as if running.
Aching pain in the cervical and dorsal regions improves. Cutting pain in the lumbar region.
Incoordination and awkwardness as if off balance and drops things.
Sleepiness in the afternoon. Sleeplessness from hardness of the bed.

Feeling of heat off and on throughout the day.
Awakes in a cold sweat at night. Perspiring when cold. Offensive perspiration. Perspiration leaves yellow stains on the clothing.
Greasy and oily.