Blue Flag Root

Blue Flag is predominant throughout much of the west and the most certain herbal remedy for enlargement of the thyroid gland. It is also thought to be a valuable herb for chronic disease of the pancreas, scrofula, and syphilis. The extract of Blue Flag exhibits properties of the dried root are hepatic, to help the liver, a diuretic to aid the kidneys, a cathartic, a mild laxative, and a cholagogue, to increase the flow of bile into the intestines. Blue Flag stimulates and works to correct the many problems associated with a congested liver and intestines, including jaundice, hepatitis, gastric distress, headaches, toxins, skin rashes, parasites, constipation, liver and gallbladder pain and undigested fats occurring after excessive ingestion of fatty foods, alcohol or coffee. Due to its cleansing properties, this herbal supplement works well in treating acne, and eczema, especially when associated with gallbladder problems or constipation. It is highly recommended for a migraine, especially when caused by stomach disorders. Some have used this plant as a natural weight loss aid. Early American Indians used it in a poultice for the treatment of sores and bruises.

Blue Flag herb has numerous medicinal properties. It is not only helpful in aiding the purifying of the blood through the liver, but it also helps our spleen and the glands in our lymphatic system. It has high detoxifying properties and is mainly used to remove the toxic substances in the body. It has been used for overcoming impetigo, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and pimples. It is said to be useful for biliousness and to stimulate glandular and lymphatic systems, thus clearing the obstructions and swellings. Cleansing the body of toxins is considered to be essential before any true healing can take place. However, Blue flag herbal tinctures are one of those remedies that are best taken under professional supervision, as it is very strong and large doses can be toxic, or extremely irritating to the gastrointestinal system.

Externally, it is applied to wounds, skin diseases, and rheumatic joints. It is considered to be an Alterative, to restore normal health, and has been considered to be extremely useful in various skin conditions, especially if the skin is inactive, jaundiced or is rough and greasy. It has been indicated for pustular eruptions, disorders of the sebaceous glands that results in boils or sebaceous cysts, syphilis rash or STD rash and ulcerated, or oozing, skin disease.