Red Bell Pepper Fruit

peppers are used in traditional medicine as well as food in Africa.[16] English botanist John Lindley described C. annuum in his 1838 Flora Medica thus:[17]

“ It is employed in medicine, in combination with Cinchona in intermittent and lethargic affections, and also in atonic gout, dyspepsia accompanied by flatulence, tympanitis, paralysis etc. Its most valuable application appears however to be in cynanche maligna (acute diphtheria) and scarlatina maligna (malignant Scarlet fever, used either as a gargle or administered internally.) ”
In Ayurveda, C. annuum is classified as follows:

Guna (properties) – ruksha (dry), laghu (light) and tikshna (sharp)
Rasa (taste) – katu (pungent)
Virya (potency) – ushna (hot)
high in vitamin A and vitamin C.
used as medicine for the digestive system, blood system, muscular/skeletal, and skin applications