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Amor Seco Desmodium adscendens Benefits
Amor Seco herb is used by many tribes in the Amazon rainforest for its amazing medicinal benefits. A tea of A. Seco plant is given for nervousness and used in baths to treat vaginal infections. Anonymous tribes believe Amor Seco has magical powers and is taken by couples or lovers to rekindle a waning romance.

Amor Seco Leaf
Rio Pastaza natives in the Amazon brew Desmodium adscendens tea and wash the breasts of mothers with it to encourage milk flow. The Garifuna tribe uses a leaf decoction of Desmodium adscendens internally for venereal disease and diarrhea and to help with digestion.

In Peruvian medicine a leaf tea is used as a blood cleanser; to detoxify the body from environmental toxins and chemicals; as a urinary tract cleanser; and to treat ovarian and uterine problems such as inflammation and irritation, vaginal discharges, and hemorrhages.

Amor Seco Uses
In Belize, Amor Seco is called “strong back,” where the entire plant is soaked in rum for 24 hours and consumed three times a day for seven to ten days for backaches. Herbalists in Ghana have used A. Seco leaves to treat bronchial asthma.

The treatment was very successful that it attracted attention from the scientific community. In the year 1977, a clinical observational study on “humans” revealed that one to two teaspoons of dried leaf powder taken three times a day produced improvement and remission in most asthma patients treated.

Amor Seco Chemicals
A. Seco is known to be rich in flavonoids, alkaloids, and chemicals known as soyasaponins. A novel soyasaponin in A. Seco is dehydrosoyasaponin. It is considered a highly active chemical with therapeutic actions for asthma. Desmodium adscendens also contains a chemical called astragalin, which is a well-known antibacterial chemical found in the famous medicinal plant astragalus.

A. Seco’s traditional uses for infections, venereal diseases, and wounds are probably related to this particular chemical in the plant. The main chemicals found in Desmodium adscendens include astragalin, beta-phenylethylamines, cosmosiin, cyanidin-3-o-sophoroside, dehydrosoyasaponins, hordenine, pelargonidin-3-o-rhamnoside, salsoline, soyasaponins, tectorigenin, tetrahydroisoquinolines, and tyramine.

Other benefits:

Reduces asthma

Reduces convulsions

Blocks histamine

Relaxes muscles

Cleanses blood

Blocks allergies

Reduces pain

Reduces inflammation

Dilates bronchial

Heals Wounds
relieves pain cleanses blood Lea
blocks allergies
relieves asthma
increases urinatio
reduces convulsions
mildly laxativ
blocks histamine
heals wounds
reduces inflammation
calms stress
reduces spasms
stops bleeding
dilates bronchials
relaxes muscles
protects cells
scavenges free radicals