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MultiDimensional Support Products

New Human's custom product development model assures predicted safety, efficacy and instant bioavailability of natural botanical formulas. Our products deliver physical, emotional, and spiritual support to bio-balance the whole being, promoting sustainable optimal health and wellness.

Custom crafted, small batch botanical formulas you can trust

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Over 200 products across 3 primary product lines


Targets the loss of cellular communication and activates reserve cells to repair and to regenerate tissues. Its base comes from extracted plant stem cells which include regulating proteins in micro-cellular activated concentrations.


Balance diathesis, aid the Krebs cycle, and support the five elements all at once. Specifically developed to accept and carry electromagnetic imprinting, additional vibrational frequencies can be added to the base using SpectraVision technology. Delivery is sublingual and immediate.


Our profusions are laser-light embedded formulations that support our Emotional CPR protocol and are designed to awaken us to the true nature of our spiritual selves. The 22 amino acids correlate with 22 Hebrew glyphs and, as carriers for sacred information, repair happens multidimensionally.

New Human members receive wholesale pricing on high-quality nutritional, homeopathic, and vibrational products.

For use with or without SpectraVision technology.

Sustainably sourced, natural and whole ingredients.

Solutions to balance the body, spirit and mind.

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