Registering your software on your computer (or a new computer) is now easier than ever.  Just follow these 3 steps to get your software registered in 10 minutes.

Step 1


Step 2

VERY IMPORTANT! Even if you have Bionetics installed on your computer. Download the latest version. We've recently updated our registration process only available in the download below.


  • Install the software and follow all prompts. Click accept, etc. If presented with a screen asking if you'd like to install from a "Unpublished developer", click "Run anyway.

Step 3

Sign in to your software.

  1. Open your software.
  2. If you haven't registered your software before, once you've accepted the terms you'll be presented with a screen that gives you 3 options: Online Registration, Offline Registration & Continue Offline. Select the option that say Online Registration.

    If you've registered before, you can simply look in the top left hand corner, click "File", then "Register".
  3. Put in your email and password you use from from the website and your software will register automatically. You're all done!


Some things to check

  • Make sure you purchase a key before registering OR ensure you've purchased an annual key month's previous.
  • Please do not try to enter in a software key. This was required in the past, but we've made it very simple to just enter your email and password to register your software.
  • Make sure when you enter your email and password, that they are correct or else you will get and error asking you to "contact customer support" which isn't necessary.
  • You may register your software with 2 computers before having to purchase a new key that can be used for another 2 computers.
  • This process will ONLY work for 3.77+ (95% of current practitioners). This process will not work for 2.86 users. Please follow these instructions if you need to register your 2.86 software.
  • I have Bionetics already installed. Should I install this one? Yes - the link above has a very important update for registration allowing you to register easily.