New Human is a Member Distributor of the Pastoral Medical Association, and requires all account holders to register for membership as well.  [Go there now] [F.A.Q]


The IABC is a private Ecclesiastical Member Share Network whose purpose is “to help people get back to health the way God intended.” IABC members are both clients and practitioners of natural wellness approaches, who wish to reserve their rights in choosing natural alternatives to allopathic medicine when they deem appropriate. As IABC states, “If you feel that conventional medicine is right for emergencies, and wrong for getting your family healthy and keeping them that way, reserve your right to choose your own medicine." IABC offers a private network which is recognized by the US Supreme court as an independent legal entity. Because New Human’s mission is to make available support for the body’s healing faculties (“God’s” faculties) to succeed through the use of our technology, products and protocol, our cooperation with IABC shares a common vision.


There are two levels of IABC membership:

  • Licensed IABC Provider- This level of membership is suited to state licensed healthcare practitioners, certified health and wellness practitioners, or New Human practitioners with no other license or certifications.  As a IABC Provider, you may provide free IABC General Membership to your clients, thereby entering into the MSA together. When both practitioner and client are IABC members, a favorable legal environment in which to discuss the Almighty's healthcare is secured. Read more at: and please call us for more information at 828.885.2004.
  • General Member- This level of membership is free and lasts a lifetime. This is suited to clients of IABC Providers, clients interested in purchasing New Human Products and Technology (learning more), and buyers of our Products who are approved to do so*, without being a wellness care practitioner. You can register for free general membership by going to:

*Note our products are sold wholesale, and are not available for sale to private buyers/clients of New Human practitioners.

New Human is confident that we can best support you as a successful, capable practitioner of Bionetic technology. We have created the above referenced options to serve clients and practitioners as a Private Member Share Network and community. New Human does not make medical claims, diagnose, or treat disease- we simply support the body to become bio-balanced, so God's natural healing faculties can function optimally.

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