A Flower Essence consists of distilled water infused with a vibrational healing pattern of a specific flower. Just as each cell in the body contains the pattern or blueprint of the whole, the same is true of plant cells, minerals, and elementals.

Together with the light of the sun or the moon, the vibrational healing pattern is released or transferred, and infused or imprinted into the essence water. This is referred to as a Mother Essence. The Mother Essence is then proportionately preserved in alcohol (generally brandy) or vinegar, and placed in dropper bottles for easy access and individual use. Essences born in sunlight relate to the masculine or logical, daytime consciousness, while the moonlit essences correspond to the feminine or emotional night time consciousness.

Each plant has a specific task within the ecosystem and will follow its pattern to completion. Dandelion, for example, is a cleanser. It draws in from the soil surrounding its roots, taking in impurities that are not life promoting and transforming them into energies that enhance and support the ecosystem. As they thrive and mature, these plants carry their healing action to deeper and deeper levels, cleansing the soil. By using Dandelion Flower Essence in our own healing, we are accessing and re-activating this same pattern within our own system on a vibrational level.

Whatever we accept into our system or consciousness becomes part of our being. Everything that enters our aura is immediately channeled through our electrical or nervous system. When we receive a thought our neurological center sends that impulse of information from the brain throughout the system giving our system the patterns of how to react or respond. If the ingrained patterns or core beliefs present within ourselves are imbalanced, we are most likely to express the conditioned first response rather than a new response, thus further reinforcing the old pattern. When we use an essence, the molecules within the essence begin to interact with our molecules. Healing information is sent through as electrical impulses to hormones and natural chemicals, stimulating the corresponding areas, inviting our system to follow this new pattern.

This simple exercise will illustrate how flower essences work:

Drop a pebble  into a puddle of water. Notice how the vibration goes outward from the pebble in concentric rings. When the last ring touches the outer perimeter, or container of the water,the action reverses and the rings all come back to the center – like waves reaching a shoreline. The vibrational flow of the water has been changed because a new vibration has been added.

Water is the foundation of all life forms here on Earth. When water is diffused or shaken, its molecules vibrate rapidly. The basic molecular structure of water allows it to take on any properties that it comes in contact with. It accepts and encloses any element it touches, accommodating without judgment or discrimination. It is from this ability to accept all that is, that all life emerges. Every stone has its own vibration or rhythm that flows outward from itself and back in, as do the plants and all of Earth’s children. When any vibrational energy or healing pattern, such as that of a stone or a flower petal, causes a vibration in water, the water takes in and accommodates this new vibration – it is transferred into the water, thereby changing the vibration of the water.

An Essence for Everything?

Often clients ask “Is there an essence for everything?” “Do you have an essence for my husband’s procrastination?” “My sister-in-law is so overbearing – what do you have to make her change?” “Which essence works for insomnia?” “My son is teething. Is there an essence for his discomfort?” A generic answer is, “Yes, there is an essence for everything.” Implicit in our desire to be well and whole is the remedy itself. True seeking leads to sought-after answers.

Enter Flower Essence

Although Corn addresses procrastination and Grape is wonderful for bossiness, the real issue at hand may not be other people, but us. Our strength lies in our ability to work on our issues and confront our own tailor-made tests. In truth, we are powerless over others except to the extent that we project a positive magnetism, inspiring them by our example. And what victory when the shortcomings of others no longer negatively affect us! Considerable self-honesty is necessary in order to realize that the flaws we see in others may be the same as those we ourselves possess. If we find bossiness in someone else, it would be worthwhile to introspect on whether we, too, harbor that tendency.

As for the second set of questions above: Lettuce assists with the emotional states behind insomnia, and Orange is helpful for teething pain. Flower essences work with the energy that triggers these physical issues, and not directly on the actual physiological states. When peace of mind is restored, any latent seeds of illness may remain unnourished and thus unable to sprout. Sometimes, however, illness is necessary; we needn’t look at illness, or even death, as failure.

Essences do not remove our tests: they help clarify them

To simplify, all flower essences do the same thing for every living thing: they restore us to a state of balance in which our internal, intelligent life force is activated. Life force is the real healer; the energy of flower essences merely encourages and focuses it. And since the uplifting qualifies embodied in the essences are our truest nature, to resonate with those qualities is only natural.

What Flower Essences do not do

Essences do not affect us biochemically, as does traditional allopathic medicine. Sedatives, for example, can knock you out for the night. This is not the case with flower essence. In other words, they allow us to change; they do not make us change. A point to remember: Flower essences will only support the change into our truest selves. Thus, we never need worry about misusing them to manipulate our own, or other’s behavior. It is simply not possible. There’s a joke about the man who, upon having his arm set in a cast, asked the doctor if he would be able to play the piano when it healed. “Of course,” replied the doctor. “Good,” said the man, “I couldn’t before.” Not so with flower essences. They allow us to refine who we already are without altering our essential nature.

Emotional Factors – Flower Essences

From the homeopathic perspective, going back to Hahnemann, there is an emotional element to every disease and disease process. Pent-up emotional stress, acting directly on the endocrine glands, creates a physiological imbalance that, if left uncorrected, raises the potential for cellular-level changes to create an environment supportive of disease processes. Emotions manifest physically (whether outwardly or not), and have the potential under the right conditions, to manifest pathologically. They also have the potential to manifest health. In recent years the relatively young science of psychoneuroimmunology has supported Hahnemann’s hypotheses. At the same time, flower essences have been playing an increasingly greater role in the western healing process.

Flower essences are not true Homeopathy, although there are many similarities between them. They are used primarily as a way to restore harmony to the mind; not by altering it, but by opening it to the level of spirit that harbors the essential identity or blueprint of the individual – the unadulterated Higher Self that connects to the lower physical self through character and consciousness. How we define ourselves defines our relationship with Higher Self, and it is this relationship that is the focus of flower essences.

Although there has been much conjecture about the possible physiological associations with flower essences, from the Bionetic perspective they work best with the emotional aspects of disease and disease processes. Clinical experience has shown that the connection between emotions and illness is of vital importance; it must be addressed for total balance to take place, and for total health to occur. Interestingly, clinical evidence also shows that flower essences seem to have a transcendent quality that communicates directly with the Higher Self; bypassing mental barriers to meet the needs of the whole organism. Flower essences can very well be considered the first therapy of choice, and should be incorporated concurrently with other therapies as an essential part of any BioBalancing Protocol. Very often the body will select a flower or flowers that match the emotional elements with the organs of involvement in accordance with the Chinese model, whether or not the client agrees with the choice. They can be used singly or in combination, but most sources recommend that no more than six be used at any one time. Flower essences are tested most effectively at a 3X potency on the emotional point (NE-SMP) using the “yes-no” response method. 3X is the closest representation to the actual essence if you are not working with stock bottles, and therefore the closest potency to the current wrinkles in your mental/emotional “blueprint”. It may be possible, however, to find historical significance in higher potencies.

In particular, you might want to look at this possibility if: a) the top three flower essences more or less agree with each other, and b) the client disagrees with them in that they seem to have no bearing on life at present.

The top listed flower essence may be sufficient therapy for the client, but very often you may find the top three or more signals forming an emotional “cluster” – not duplicating information necessarily, but adding texture to the individual’s portrait. In this case especially, it would be appropriate to present them with a “full bouquet.”


The excerpt above was taken from The Essential Flower Essence Handbook, Remedies for Inner Well-Being by Lila Devi.