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New Human recognizes “success” as an integration of self-awareness, emotional freedom, and optimal physical health. Enjoy our many testimonials, and share your SpectraVision, protocol, and/or Multidimensional Products success stories with us today.


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Success pure and simple, for you and your clients: New Human offers evidence-based therapies, educational components, and unique support products personally tailored for each client.

What people say about our technology and protocols. 

"The Voll Polarity Training weekend was packed full of great information! Being able to listen to Lee and Joda share clinical 'pearls' was such a privilege.
I feel like I now have the knowledge to use the Spectravision to take healing to a deeper level. I've experienced incredible healing using the Emotox protocol so I am excited to take the next step!"

-Ashley Boss


“At first I didn’t really notice anything different (slept a lot more). Then one day it was like a light went off! He started laughing all the time, cracking jokes, being his old goofy self. I had my son back!!! It is amazing how these treatments can change your life. He is a happy, confident young man now!!!”

- Leah, MN

“My family and I (4 generations) have been going to Carol over 10 years and what a blessing she has been! She has helped our family heal from so many different issues and we have never been healthier. Carol uses SpectraVision which is amazingly accurate in pinpointing where and what is causing dis-ease in your body and then she goes to the root of the problem to bring healing. ”

- MLS, Rancho Santa Margarita

“I had a female patient age 57 that was bit by 2 copperhead snakes on the foot several years ago [but was still experiencing pain – who ] came in my office with systemic swelling over her entire body that would get so bad her skin would tear due to the swelling and a severe lack of energy. Every night she would have to wrap her body starting from her feet up to her chest to help with the swelling. I asked her to take measurements of her calves, thighs, abdomen and arms the next morning to get a baseline and then weekly after that.  I utilized the SpectraVision and Bionetic Polarity Therapy in addition to the Vitalizer Pro foot bath and after the 1st session of each she took her measurements and they were all down 1/8th of an inch. A week and a half later after her 4thVitalizer Pro foot bath she took her measurements again and was down ¼ of an inch. Needless to say, she was amazed since everything else she had tried didn’t work. She also hasn’t had to wrap her body since.”

-Dr. Bosco, DC

“It is the best system on the market par none! Every healthcare professional should have a SpectraVision. It is like having another healthcare provider in your practice as a health consultant. It covers aspects of natural healthcare that other systems don’t. It will expand a provider’s practice as well as his or her success rate when serving his or her clients. The SpectraVision is a win/win for both practitioner and client. SpectraVision is the only way to go!”

-Dr. Edward C. Sullivan DC, DNM, BD, PhD.


“A Female patient age 56 was told by her family doctor 15-20 years ago that she had Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. She gets a blood test for this every 3 months which has been positive since the 1st diagnosis. In addition, she has the classic “butterfly” rash over her cheeks and nose with fatigue and achy joints. I utilized the SpectraVision and Bionetic Polarity Therapy in addition to Emotional CPR. After 3 BPT sessions and 6 ECPR sessions she told me, “The last 2 blood tests I had for Lupus came back negative! The rash on my face is disappearing and my fatigue and joint pain are almost 100% gone!”

– Dr. Bosco, DC

What people say about our products

“I would like to share my experience with your products.  My favorite product is Adrenal Revive.  I have seen more clients helped by this product than any product I have in my store.  Most everyone needs Adrenal Revive as it helps with energy, stress, anxiety and sleep issues.  I would say that 99% of my clients have at least one of those issues.  I also really like the Syndrome K for detoxing, balancing kidney energy which has a lot to do with sexual energy and emotional fears  Everyone seems to know that they need to detox the liver, but so many people fail to detox and strengthen the kidney.  I have clients that come to me after the doctors have done tests and state that the numbers are too high etc.  After using Syndrome K, tests come back normal.  I am also partial to Ultra GL as I have had great success with clearing chemicals with this product.  It is powerful to help with skin issues, allergies etc. or any other issue that belongs to the liver energy.  Speaking of allergies, Pheno Care 3 has a powerful effect on desensitizing the body against food and chemical reactions.  It is great to bring a body down from being too hyper sensitive.  (Using Pheno Care 3 and Adrenal Revive together really help with allergies).  And of course, we must not forget about Terrain Factors which does a great job at balancing PH and does wonderful things for heartburn.”

 -Tammy Jordan, MN

“My natural health center Energetic Wellness uses New Human’s amazing multidimensional products almost exclusively. I believe their formulas, especially the most recent new formulas, are the best on the market. The multidimensional approach is second to none! As a Naturopath, I can address every condition through the assistance of these products. This is very important to me, as I desire to assist the body in natural healing. These whole nutrition products are very powerful in assisting the healing process!”

-Michele Menzel, ND, D.PSc, OK.


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