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SpectraVision  - New Hardware Warranty

With the purchase of a new SpectraVision or SV2.0 Insight, the technology is covered under the Manufacturer Warranty for the period of one full year for parts and labor; shipping is extra and paid for by the consumer. The warranty does not include consumable items, see Sales Agreement and Hardware Manual for details.

All repairs are conducted at our facility in Colorado Springs and repair pricing is based on time and materials. All repair costs do not include shipping and must be paid for by the customer both to and from the repair facility. All repairs require pre-authorization. Please submit a Support Ticket to begin the process. Support Tickets can be started by clicking the "Help" button in the lower right portion of the website.

Should it be determined that your SpectraVision need servicing after talking with our service technicians, request an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) approval code by filling out the request form found here. Once approved, you will receive an email including the RMA number and address to send the unit for service and/or repair.


Consumables (parts that wear down through use) carry a 90 day warranty; such as (but not limited to): velcro electrodes, electrode connectors, palm pad components, laser tips, probe/wand connector wires, LLLT lasers, HID, etc. and other miscellaneous attachments that need to be replaced periodically by the Buyer).

Not accepted for repair: test leads, wands, probes, umbilical cords, imprinter cables, dongles, BodyScan cuffs, and cases.

Laser Life:
Because lasers are consumables, and the length of time of use is not guaranteed we offer a 90 day complete replacement warranty when it is first purchased. If the laser should begin to wear out due to use, it is advised to replace it as soon as possible. We are unable to guarantee exactly the number of hours that a laser will actually work but we have had some last nearly 3,000 hours. The average is about half that long.

Laser Repairs: Laser assemblies (the part you hold), cannot be rebuilt or repaired.

Sometimes the cable has just broken due to some physical impairment or getting broken; in that case the (RJ-11) connector end can be replaced. If the cable is pulled from the laser housing it cannot be fixed.

Should a new laser fail during the first 90 days of purchase, it will be replaced.

Third Party Sales and Purchases

All purchases of BodyScan 2010 units or other technology from third parties will not be serviced (hardware nor software) by New Human. New Human cannot be held responsible for the protocols, recommendations, therapies, or use of third party purchased BodyScan devices or practitioners.