SV2 Insight

Take Your Practice to New Heights!

A non-invasive system which takes the guess work out of clinical assessment with data-driven, personalized therapy tools.

SV2 + Bionetics Hero-1000

Everything the SpectraVision does and more!

SV2 Insight doesn’t take a long time to learn.

SV2 Insight promotes healing assessment for all of your patients.

SV2 Insight saves hours of muscle testing.

SV2 Insight increases your profits.

SV2 Insight maintains your advantage over your competitors.

SV2 Insight takes your practice to a whole new level.

SV2 Insight builds new services into your practice.

SV2 Insight integrates advanced techniques and protocols.

Your clients will feel better faster and for the long-run. New Human gives you the tools to put your clients on the road to life-changing healing, all in the palm of your hand.

Unlocking pure human potential

New Human’s SV2.0 Insight™ technology is a portable system, lightweight, easy-to-use non-cognitive Bionetic device to assist chiropractors, naturopathic, and other holistic health care practitioners measure and map the flow of their patients energy with remarkable accuracy.

  • Identify metabolic, hormonal, and energetic imbalances.
  • Pinpoint the focus of therapy with the greatest priority, session-by-session.
  • Assess cellular communication levels by discovering ionic flow.
  • Uncover possible causes of distress physically, mentally, emotionally.
  • Determine the body’s preferred BioDynamic Botanicals/ nutritional support, session-by-session.
  • Determine accuracy and validity of data through testing and re-confirmation of results.
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The Brains of the Operation

The biggest contributor to the effectiveness of SV2.0 Insight™ is our ever-evolving Bionetic Computer Software. In addition to a simple user interface, it produces easy to understand graphic reports with graphs and schematics for effective client communication and education.