Modern Science is proving more each day that we are beings composed of energy.

As such, we must begin to understand a futuristic outlook of the relationship between health and disease. For many, the Paradigm Shift of disease causation and treatment will be radically different from the “old school” ideas of “Western Medicine”.

The emerging concepts of Chinese and Eastern philosophies are coupled with the science and technology of Quantum Physics and the view of the human body as a dynamic Bio-network of energy fields.

These fields, operated and supported by the brain, monitor and control the flow of energy to organs and tissues for the health of we humans, occupied with the task of existence and survival on the planet. These philosophies, married to advanced technology, offer maximum value to sustain a healthy life and secure enjoyment of our work, recreation, and healthy procreation of our species.

getting-started-lessonSpectraVision technology supports optimal body balance and energetic flow, so your clients have the necessary energy for healing- physically, psycho-emotionally, and spiritually.

Sensitivities-lessonWith New Human's Dynamic Induction cold laser light, digital imprinting and non-invasive/ non-cognitive assessment scan, our Tools for Consciousness are simple to use and incredibly effective.

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Expert training and technical support accompany the use of the device to maximize the benefits to the potential patient/client and the practitioner. We strive to re-create competent practitioners with the sale and delivery of each and every device.

The benefit to the practitioner is that of satisfaction that they are providing a unique service to those who are seeking healthcare through the use of natural substances crafted by our Creator and blended by experts with this knowledge of the ancients. In doing so, they provide a service that has no toxic side effects. Every step of the process pays homage to the vital thought of all the natural participants in healing: “First, Do No Harm.”

the philosophy and art of utilizing this knowledge and device will be explained along with a business proposal for the purchase and support of your new endeavor. It becomes a labor of love that rewards you energetically, financially, spiritually, and leaves you with the satisfaction at the end of the day that you have done your best to promote health on the planet while providing security for your loved ones through service to humanity. Realizing that humans are beings of Energy, one can begin to comprehend new ways of understanding health and disease.

The Magic of SpectraVision

20 years of development and research

New Human continues to develop the only technology on the International market which can quantify, organize and deliver the necessary information to support the whole system to thrive. Through a non-invasive assessment which lasts up to three minutes, our technology takes the guess work out of your practice by prioritizing which “healing crisis” theme is ready to be addressed, emotionally and physiologically. Additionally, by removing the toxic burden and sensitivities which hinder the body’s ability to heal itself on a deeper level, our products and technology co-function with amazing effectiveness and speed. All of this adds up to your clients feeling better faster and for the long-run. We give you the tools  to put your clients on the road to life-changing healing- all in the palm of your hand.

Products Par Excellence

Not only will becoming a New Human/ SpectraVision 2.0 Insight practitioner give you access to the most effective, fast-acting products on the market; with our extensive training and education you will be able to meet your clients’ needs in the priority their body is ready to accept them.

Pioneering clinical assessment and spiritual technology

New Human offers data-driven, personalized therapy and
client education tools for consciousness.

In every healing crisis there is an invitation to know, accept and love oneself more fully. SpectraVision puts these keys and many more in your hands, and in your clients’ hearts.

What does it do?

The SpectraVision does not diagnose, treat or cure disease.

The SpectraVision Bio-balancing device is used by chiropractors, naturopathic and homeopathic physicians, and other holistic health care physicians use to serve clients more effectively and directly. This is a data-driven approach to holistic wellness care, which introduces complex digital homeopathy to the body internally (by ingesting) or externally (by applied cold laser therapy).

Starting with a non-cognitive biofeedback scan, the device aids in the identification of imbalances within the various distribution, energetic, and tissue pathways in the body. Information gathered during the scan is assessed by the practitioner, and can be helpful in educating the practitioner to:

  • Identify metabolic, hormonal, and energetic imbalances;
  • Pinpoint the focus of therapy with the greatest priority, session-by-session;
  • Assess cellular communication levels by discovering ionic flow;
  • Uncover possible causes of distress physically, mentally, emotionally;
  • Determine the body’s preferred homeopathic/ nutritional support, session-by-session;
  • Determine accuracy and validity of data through testing and reconfirmation of results.

Data collected by the initial scan is shared with the client in a discussion-type format, supporting the client to participate in the healing process. SpectraVision’s software includes information about the psycho-emotional roots of sensitivities, the role of emotional trauma in physical symptomology, necessary support indicated by selected flower essences, and other inter-disciplinary information, which supports the client and practitioner to work together, and choose from a range of natural approaches to support well-being. By empowering the client to understand how emotional blockages inform physical blockages (i.e. symptomology), the client can claim greater self-awareness and responsibility for the necessary changes in habits, beliefs, and lifestyle, which underlie true sustained healing.

Based on scan results, the body selects its preference of homeopathic digital signatures needed to bring equilibrium to the whole system. These frequencies, unique to the individual at the time of the scan, are tested for bio-compatibility using Galvanic Skin Response and acupoint testing. Once the desired potencies and dilutions of the unique homeopathic recipe proves to bio-balance the system of the client, this recipe can be delivered topically via Dynamic Induction Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), or imprinted into New Human’s Multidimensional products, to be taken internally.

Such health solutions:

  • Increase energy flow in the bioelectrical and biomagnetic pathways of the body
  • Activate and strengthen detoxification processes
  • Reduce inflammatory responses
  • Bolster immune function
  • Activate tissue stimulation and repair
  • Improve the body’s ability to deal with environmental stressors
  • Increase energy available for optimal daily performance

Ultimately, each scan and treatment session aids the body to achieve healing on a progressively deeper level, and helps the client to understand his or her physical, mental, and emotional patterns, which may hinder the expression of total health. Paired with the intellectual understanding of one’s limitations, supporting the cellular intelligence of the body to achieve equilibrium often results in quantum healing at a profound level of self-awareness- physically, mentally, and emotionally.

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Get Started in BioEnergy Assessment


Learn the latest advances in Energy Medicine Protocols with advanced training by leading health professionals in the field of Bionetics.


If you are not already in practice, launch yourself into the world of Energy Assessments.


Increase your income up to an additional $250,000 per year in gross income by integrating the SV2 Insight into your existing practice.


Increase patient retention and interest in wellness.


Reactivate old patients.


Generate new corporate wellness business.

Investment $21,500.00


Leasing available for qualified individuals. Typically one-half day of operation will pay for monthly lease on equipment.

The SpectraVisionTM is the top of the line equipment of its type—anywhere in the world. It is sold exclusively through The New Human.

This equipment incorporates 3 modes of assessment:

  1. Multi-channel,
  2. Single channel, and
  3. BioCoherence testing capabilities.

It uses stimulus-response (evoked potential) protocols that are extremely sophisticated, demonstrating the developers’ knowledge and understanding of electronics and software, as well as the human body.