SpectraVision 2.0 Insight

Specifications & Technical Details

Lightweight, portable, and battery powered, this go-anywhere device leads the international market in bioenergetic assessment, total wellness and trauma-informed care. Our frequency based therapies and multidimensional products support your clients to understand and participate in their own healing, in your office, their home, or even at a distance. Learn more about this truly amazing device which continues to revolutionize wellness care, and pioneer the miracle of self-healing through self-awareness in this exciting age of modern medicine!

Bio-Balancing Technology

Life at the New Human is balanced, effortless and natural.

New Human sets the precedent for Bio-Balancing technology. With an impressive variety of therapy tools, personalized treatment options, and remarkably accurate assessment, the SpectraVision 2.0 magically unlocks pure human potential.

  • Customizable bio-balancing therapies at your fingertips
    • Single and Multi-channel assessment
    • Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) delivers unique bio-data therapies
    • Supplement testing and imprinting
    • 5 LLLT and Sound Light Therapy (SLT) attachments available
  • Multidimensional products for multidimensional beings
    • Mineral matrix Shungite base accepts and carries electromagnetic imprinting
    • Products formulated using Low Level Light and vibrational frequencies
    • 5 Product lines for full practice support
  • Protocol trainings and educational support materials
    • Cumulative training sequence with three protocols (fourth in development)
    • Online support and practitioner community
    • Hands-on trainings with master teachers and developers
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Bionetic Software
Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)
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