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Frequently Asked Questions

How To Install Bionetics On Mac with Boot Camp

Bionetics is currently built for Windows, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have it on your Mac too! This tutorial will take roughly 1 – 2 hours. Please ensure you have at least 80 GB Available on your Mac Hard Drive. You’ll also need to purchase a Windows Key 10 from Microsoft to register windows…

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What should my Gain be for the SLT?

Below you’ll find the default setting we recommend for your Gain with the SLT.

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Why is my LLLT imprint taking so long?

Throughput is based on resolution. The higher the resolution the ‘slower’ the data will pass through the lasers. It’s much like lanes of traffic, we can get the data all through but it is based on first in, first out data so the last data may have to wait. This may take longer than in…

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I’m not seeing any data in Multi Channel with my Harness or Palm Pad attached.

In the new software, you won’t see data until you connect your harness, palm pad, or HID. Make sure you’re touching your harness, palm pad, or HID to ensure you get data. If you’re having trouble getting data from your harness or palm pad, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to the HID. It’s much…

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Is the 3.77 Bionetics software compatible with my Bodyscan?

Yes it is! Software installation instructions here: Easy 1 – 2 – 3 Registration

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How To Move Bionetics Data to New Computer

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Where is the Key for the Imprinter?

You should have received them in your shipment, they should be in the lower pocket of the lid organizer, if you have lost them you can purchase them on the website.

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When I am completing a scan, at the end when it is processing, it pauses and kind of stops and then waits 2-3 minutes and then completes the scan.

This has a lot to do with the speed of the computer and the size of the scan.  Post processing isn’t an instant process and may take a minute or two to complete depending on how fast your computer is.

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Where do I put my 2.86 Registration Key?

Locating your System ID in 2.86 Open 2.86 multi channel Click “Configure” Click on “Registration” Notice this System ID has a hyphen “–“ in front of it. This is part of the System ID and does need to be entered in the registration process. Also, the registration code Has to be entered in all capitals…

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A Few Questions VPT & EBB Training Will Help Answer!

I had a question about the immune_lymes list in the device. I have someone with lymes but wasn’t certain if I should wait for further training to use that list or if it was something I could get more information on now. Wasn’t certain how in depth the information would be. I would love to…

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How do I Transfer my Custom Matrixes to a New Computer?

You can go into MAIN MENU MATRICES and select Export. save them to a file on your desktop. Once you have exported what matrices you want to keep, you can use a jump drive to copy the folder. Place the folder on your new laptop desktop and then open Bionetics. go into MAIN MENU and…

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How do I still keep the remedy’s effects if it has alcohol and the client has an alcohol addiction

To avoid the alcohol ‘burn’ just pour the complete remedy into a small sauce-pan, and heat it on med-low until you see steam coming off of the liquid. Then pour the contents back into the bottle again, and place the bottle into some ice water. To force cool it. Once it is cooled the alcohol…

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Troubleshooting Rotary Switch

Turn on the Bionetics software and establish data com. In Main Menu go to MC TEST and switch rotary switch to HID setting. Grab the HID and see in MC test if there is data coming in by the ‘scan window’. If yes, go to 4. Now go to SC test by exiting MC test…

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I’m running my first scan and I got as far as imprint. The laser port is not initializing. I hit auto detect and I get IPC could not be automatically located?

This usually indicates that the IPC is powered off in some way. The things to check are: whether the key is horizontal then make sure her power supply is working. Also try plugging in to a different USB port if the above doesn’t solve the problem.

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Having Problems getting your IPC to connect?

Take a look at this video to help solve your problem.

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I can’t hear the sound on my SV2.0 Lasers.

If you can’t hear the sound on your lasers, please check your volume on your computer because the two go hand and hand.

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Do you need to hold the grounding wand during the laser treatment

There is no need to hold the grounding wand when lasering. It is an ‘added’ -energetic -benefit and is not electrical in nature, so it is not a requirement. The laser light does not follow any ‘electrical’ pathway that the wand would actually conduct electrically. Also, sometimes people just like something to hold onto during…

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The COM port is non-functioning

Go to the Diagnostics Tab in the software and reinstall the USB driver. This corrects the issue in most cases.

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Do I wet the Palm Pad?

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND WETTING THE PALM PAD prior to a MC SCAN. This procedure has become outmoded due to the nature of the new sensitivity levels of the 3.77 software. Wetting the Palm Pad, particularly with Silver Spray just before a scan, could cause the surface area of the Palm Pad to become hyper sensitive and auto…

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Creating a Matrix in Bionetics version 3.77

Make sure your imprinter is plugged into option 1 and the laser control box in option 2. In the main menu click Matrices. Click on NEW. Type in the desired matrix name. Choose a color then click ok.   You have just created a matrix to add substances to. Adding substances into your matrices. Put…

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Repairs & Replacement

SpectraVision technology is built to last!

Some practitioners have been using its predecessors for 20 years, so it comes as no surprise that from time to time some parts will need to be replaced due to becoming worn out through use or minor accidental damage. You can order replacement items or request repair for some items. Please note that most replacement parts are custom built and the processing and shipping time will be greater than for inventory items, such as our botanical products.

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