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The Sound of Healing

Now you can deliver sound into any part of the human body, through the power of light!

The profound nature of energy allows for transference from sound to light, and then back to vibration inside the tissues of the body. Because we are mostly water, the deeper distribution of ‘vibration’ can become a full on body event.

By using the SLT, you will be able to provide any MP3 sound file toning into the body. You can select Chakras, Acupuncture Points or actual parts of the body that may be sore or inflexible to provide ‘digital’ tuning.

Deliver Treatment to
any part of the body.

Use MP3 Audio Files

Works with Bionetics

Using high index array LED’s tuned to the full light spectrum (completely safe for human eyes), the body can now become the ‘resonator and reservoir’ of sound.

As you know, tuning forks are great to change harmonics within the body. However they ‘lose’ their effective tonal range as they slow down their vibration. With the SLT Sound Light Therapy unit, you will be able to produce high quality imbedded frequency delivery that doesn’t lose its effective range. In fact, because its digital, the data can be profoundly different as compared to the total effect of tuning fork therapy.

SLT Runs on Bionetics

The biggest contributor to the effectiveness of the SLT & SV2.0 Insight™ is our ever-evolving Bionetic Computer Software. In addition to a simple user interface, it produces easy to understand graphic reports with graphs and schematics for effective client communication and education.


The SLT uses the same cable as the LLLT.

Body Work, Massage, Stress Reduction, Relaxation, and Bringing Holographic Sound into the body is a great therapy tool. It is non-invasive, simple, and you can choose which files you would like to use. Any mp3 format is compatible, and with the use of secondary speakers, you are able to hear the music simultaneously.

What's in the Box

SLT Sound Light Device

3mm Audio Cable 3feet

3mm Audio Splitter

SLT Installation Guide

SLT Suggested Uses

SLT Overview Videos

The perfect addition for the SV2 Insight

Investing in the New Human empowers you to offer the most accurate and effective BioBalancing therapies to your clients and grow as a confident practitioner.

A Future of Possibilities


Sound Light Therapy Unit

$1,695.00 $1,495.00

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The sound of healing

A world first, New Human’s Sound-Light Therapy (SLT) attachment delivers sound frequencies via LED light directly to specified tissue depths, utilizing specialized pulsed signatures.

The SLT attachment has seven colors to match the seven chakra colors. Expand your personalized sound therapy options with mp3 audio options.

These therapies are inaudible, unless the practitioner chooses to implement a speaker for verification.


Sound Light Therapy (SLT) unit for use with SV2.0 Insight only

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