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Heart + Emotions

Here at New Human we know that unresolved emotions (past and present) interfere with being healthy. Resolving deep emotions holds the key to opening the doorways to overall health and wellness. There are many New Human products that focus on tending to the body's emotional needs in an energetic way. The following collection of New Human products promotes emotional balance, support the body physically by encouraging the necessary emotional release leading to inner balance. This process is supported with LLLT and ECPR protocols.

Our favorite products for this condition:

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Unwind (8 fl. oz)

Reset (1 fl. oz)

Max B (4 fl. oz)

More products related to this condition:

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Genophasic Bridge (1 fl. oz)


Zeptobiotic 120 caps

Adrenal Revive (8 fl. oz)

MyZymes 120 caps

AdaptogenX (1 fl. oz)

Natural Mag (8 fl. oz)

HydreX (1 fl. oz)

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