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Micronized Chlorella


Detoxification is the first step toward regaining body system balance. Detoxification is a term that we use to describe the way our body eliminates toxins and waste products which it doesn't need to carry; namely heavy metals, toxic chemicals , or metabolic waste. The good news is that our body is designed to eliminate these toxins naturally, but it could use support.

Botanical and nutritive support, minerals, and energetic stimulus can allow the body to release what it doesn't want, or need. The products in this category are formulated to increase the cells' capacity to release and remove toxic material, optimize metabolism, and nurture repair.

Our favorite products for this condition:

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Daily DTOX ECD (8 fl. oz)

Daily DTOX ICD (1 fl. oz)

Ultra GL (8 fl. oz)

More products related to this condition:

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Iodine Infusion (1 fl. oz)

Teasel Care (1 fl. oz)

Skyfall (1 fl. oz)

Viral EXP (1 fl. oz)

Seven Seas (8 fl. oz)

Bact EXP (1 fl. oz)

Pure Essence: Clenz (1 fl. oz)

Flexatone: Clenz (2 fl. oz)

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