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The vitality of the heart is paramount in any organism. The heart is a muscle that pumps blood filled with oxygen to all parts of your body. This job keeps every cell, organ, and system alive within your body. To move blood to each part of your body, your heart relies on your blood vessels and the vitality of the circulation of the blood and Qi. Every organ has its own meridian by which it connects to the circulation of the entire body. The responsibility of the heart is to be the emperor of all organs, even of the brain, by governing blood and vessels (circulation). Additionally, the heart is seen as the center of the mind and consciousness for storing its spirit.

If left unchecked, poor circulation can lead to many of the disorders associated with aging such as hypertension, hardening of the arteries, painful joints, mental imbalances, and varicose veins. Even mild circulatory problems mean that less oxygen is getting to your tissue and that your body is less efficient when it comes to moving waste products. At New Human, we’ve formulated several products to specifically address circulation in the entire system.

Our favorite products for this condition: