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New Human offers over 20 years of invention, innovation, and continued excellence in the field of Bionetics.

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SV2.0 Insight

SV2.0 Insight

New Human specializes in the scientific integration of holistic medical philosophies and complementary alternative medicine (CAM) with the best of modern technology and eastern medical philosophy to provide a non-invasive, effective and natural approach to health and wellness.

New Human incorporates techniques and principles of chiropractic care, applied kinesiology, homeopathy, acupuncture, nutrition and laser therapy into our technology and complementary products. Our technology is used to reduce physiological stress on the nervous system caused by inappropriate reactions to specific emotional, environmental and dietary substances and subsequently strengthen the immune system. Our technology is fully automated and battery operated making it a safe, easy and practical addition to any practice.

Our goal as a company is to help as many people realize improved health and relief using our technology and Biodynamic remedies. We are guided by a patient before profit approach and look for doctors who share our principles and ideology.

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MultiDimensional Health

New Human recognizes that balancing the entire being bringing mind, body and spirit into harmony is the key to lasting wellness. You are multidimensional. As a thinking, feeling, energetic being, you are more than a collection of interrelated chemical processes. Every thought, emotion, or action is governed by and creates a series of chemical changes in the body. As an emotion is experienced, a neuropeptide cascade is set into motion which creates changes in the biochemistry of the whole physical system.

Over time, the physical system can become acclimated to these chemical releases, and difficult emotional states become part of the overall homeostasis until constant stress and imbalance express physically, as symptoms.

New Human’s BioDynamic products work on mental, emotional, and spiritual/ vibrational levels, along with the cellular/ molecular level, to ensure the entire being is supported to bio-balance, just as the entires system cooperated to express symptoms when out of balance. Mental and spiritual levels are addressed through the use of flower essences, gem stone essences, essential oils, sacred geometry, German New Medicine (psycho-bio-neuro­logical basis), and Laser Light Infusions.

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Education and Training Icons


Emotional Center Point Release is one of the many trainings New Human offers to expand the healing modalities that a practitioner can offer. Along with its online curriculum and practitioner support New Human strives to offer practitioners the latest advancements in the training and education of Epigenetics and proper nutrition and detoxification.

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Pure Human
Potential Realized


We now realize that consciousness underlies and organizes matter, and not the other way around. We have discovered that changes in consciousness precipitate changes in matter. We have realised that consciousness is primary, and matter secondary. The changes in our bodies produced by consciousness reveal the most powerful tool for healing we have ever discovered. To a culture accustomed to looking for solutions “out there” it seems inconceivable that the answer might lie within.

         Dawson Church, Genie in our Genes


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