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update the firmware in your SV2.0 Insight™


Book a time for our tech support team to connect to your computer and update your hardware. 

Should take 10 minutes

You will need to be online with your SV2.0 Insight™ connected to the computer.

You will need to:

  • Make sure that the SV2.0 Insight and IPC are both plugged in and that your computer is connected to the internet.
  • The program TEAMVIEWER will need to be opened and it will have two unique numbers specifically to your computer.
  • Our Technician will need these numbers to initiate the Remote Session. With the TEAMVIEWER active and open, (you can find it at the PROGRAMS LEVEL in the computer (lower left start menu) under programs and start it, or you can get to it inside the BIONETICS 3.77 It’s located under the HELP DROPDOWN). Either way is fine.

  • Set an appointment at the website. Be sure to also INCLUDE YOUR CELL NUMBER IN CASE HE NEEDS TO TALK TO YOU.
  • You will need to have your computer up and running at this time.
  • Our technician will log into your computer and update the IPC remotely. This whole procedure will only take about 10 minutes. This will enhance the IPC functionality and increase the speed of your imprinting process. The fastest imprint mode is FIXED WIDTH. If you would like to deepen the imprint use Interactive Mode and it will increase the imprint density. He will also update your Bionetics 3.77 Software.