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A Closer Look at Rebalancing with You and Your Client

Bionetics is intelligent. It's able to give you a birds eye view of thousands of sensitivities that may be creating stress in your client's life. You can target harsh sensitivities through your client's meridian energy paths enabling you to make key suggestions in their lifestyle and dietary habits.


Tell Insight or SpectraVision what to test for in Multi-Channel scan.



Hold the HID or brass wand- Long cylinder rod.

Relax and enjoy the experience.


Establish Active Data Com (Connection between technology & Bionetics)

Select the MC Test Icon from Bionetics main menu.

Give your client the HID or Brass wand to hold.

The technology will establish a baseline. Our technology is designed to pick up your client’s energy. Bionetics then converts that energy into data.

Select a list of categories to test for.

In Emotox training, this may be series 1 - 10.


The scan Let’s your practitioner know what parts of the mind, body and spirit to focus on.

Your report will focus 5 different areas of the body where your practitioner may choose the top 3 sensitivities of each area.

Use this as a time to reflect on these areas and share with your practitioner what your daily habits are.


Click Scan

23. The human body contains so much information and Bionetics is able to pick up a good deal of this information.

Review Your Report With Your Client

25. High Numbers reflect the amount of energy needed to maintain homeostasis.




Benefits of SpectraVision & Bionetics