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Discover a new kind of balance.

Energy is Life

How many of your clients are complaining of lack of energy?  Being able to completely assess the energy levels of your client's body is VITAL to knowing what needs to be done to aid their healing.

Energy loss due to improper foods, lack of exercise and toxicity all contribute to the modern day malady of NO ENERGY. Now it takes a truly Scientific Based Energy Evaluation Technology to fully determine the cause of the energy drain in your clients. In effect, everyone’s body operates like a battery. If we can’t recharge it we can’t sustain the energy needed to meet the demands of living. Your clients will have finally found that you will know how to help them when you have added the SpectraVision to your arsenal.


This isn’t about esoteric auras, or vibes...

 Its about the REAL energetic flow within the body. If the body can’t make its own electricity the brain, the nerves, the muscles, and the organs can’t function. Mental clarity drops, strength drops, and the ability to do work goes away. Energy Assessments quickly and easily make important information available to the practitioner. No blood tests. No invasive procedures.



All of the bad diseases, all of the illnesses...

 ...that people get, and all of the aspects of wellness have an “energy” component. Energy assessments are becoming the most critical of assessments—because energy production and distribution in the body is a key component to staying healthy. The SV2 Insight doesn’t add energy to the body, nor does it diagnose, treat, or mitigate disease. It reads energy levels and responses based on proven scientific principles that have been used in the biofeedback community for decades. Much of the research for this technology was funded by the US Army and the US Veterans’ Administration.


"Efficient flow of energy is essential to wellness; disease is the result of any interference with this flow." Nobel Prize Winner llya Prigogine - Chemistry