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Bionetics, the “brains” behind our next generation SpectraVision technology allows you to pinpoint key stressors and optimal solutions for total client wellness.

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The Science of Bionetics

Bionetics is a complex science founded on the premise that the body is, by nature, intelligent and that all processes within it are “mindful” (F. Kapra). It was penned first by Walter Cannon, which he called Wisdom of the Body, and which later was termed Innate Intelligence by Daniel David Palmer. Later it was defined to include a triune approach: intelligence, force, and matter. These concepts are further adapted into energy systems of the body including meridians and chakras in Bionetic Science. This science recognizes that, when it comes to health, the body cannot be separated from the mind and neither can the mind be separated from the body.

Bionetic Counselor

Bionetic counselors have a good working knowledge of multidisciplinary relationships and the means and skills for measuring the biodynamic responses within the body. They are able to provide their clients with a solid foundation for a holistic approach to optimal wellness. Through basic education, their own research, and continued experience, they are on a path of continued learning and awe regarding the miraculous vessels that our spirits inhabit.

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What is Bionetic feedback?

Bionetic feedback is a non-invasive modality that takes direct, real-time measurements of the body’s biodynamic responses using galvanic skin response (GSR). These responses identify the various states or conditions of stress using stress filters; stressors can come from both exogenous and endogenous sources. Through a complex pattern matching and recognition system introduced via electrodes to the body and the stress filters, the midbrain responds through the limbic response system (LRS). Changes to the LRS are then measured and recorded using sophisticated biofeedback equipment (SpectraVision) and intricate computer software (Bionetics).

This information is then used to take steps to favorably influence, change or attempt to modify the stress condition for optimal wellness. Healing occurs by reducing exposure, increasing resistance, and re-training (or optimizing) metabolic function through mindset, awareness, and botanical and nutritional support.

Bionetics Usage Disclaimer


SpectraVision & Bionetics Identifies Core Sensitivities in Four Easy Steps in Just Minutes*

High Level Scan
With Multi Channel
Polarity Balance
With Single Channel
Imprint Client's Code
To Customize Solution
Rebalance & Suggest Schedule
Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)
*Minutes are an average for each step. Your time with each step may vary.

Step 1

High Level Scan With Multi Channel

Automatic BioEnergyTM Response Measuring

With New Human's energy-based technology, you can get your client’s core issues quicker. You can automatically test the body’s responses to over 8,000 energy signals and use these responses to determine blockages of flow. Eight electrode channels are used to collect data and discover imbalances in the body.


Simply have your patient hold the Human Interface Device (HID)

An instrument that records the body’s unique biofield responses.

You can test for many categories that provide a profile of your client's current condition.

You can test for mold, fungi, flower essences, grain proteins and amino acids to name just a few.

Digestive Report

View Your Client's Stress Profile

Once the scan is over, you'll be able to view your clients top sensitivities and go over the results with them.

What's the Description

Print out a report

Give them a report they can take home to better understand their personal health profile.

Step 2

Polarity Balance With Single Channel

Meridian Stress Measuring

By measuring accupoints on the hands and/or feet, you will be able to see the result of impedance to the energy flow of each of the meridians. This imbalance can usually be applied to physical symptoms and correlated with historical weaknesses in organs or glands. Also, with single channel testing, you will be able to verify if a particular product can aid the total energy flow to the whole body or just to a specific meridian.

SC to patient

Simple Tool, Amazing Results

While your client holds the grounding wand, you apply pressure to the acupressure point with the stylus and watch the software pick up their energy patterns.

Deep Dive into High Stressors

Take the results from your client's multi channel scan and test deeper, looking for peaks and valleys.

SC both hands

See Your Client's Peaks

Select a signal to test. When you apply the stylus to your client's acupressure point, if the software reads 46 - 54, then your client may not have a sensitivity to this signal.

Pointing to scan

See Your Client's Valleys

If instead, you press the stylus to one of the acupressure points and your client reads anything other than 46 - 54 it indicates you've found a stressor in your client's body. In the next step you'll help rebalance this sensitivity.

Cross reference results from the high level multi-channel scan with a deeper, more focused scan. By selecting the specific digital signals that were shown to be problematic, you can see how much energy is required for your client to achieve homeostasis.

Step 3

Imprint Client's Energy Code to Customize Solution

Take all of the data and frequencies captured from your client's scan and create customized solutions utilizing the imprinter or LLLT. Imprinting provides electromagnetic and light potentizing of custom remedies based on your client’s unique needs.

2016-01-28 14.57.22

The Imprinter

When you place a bottle in the imprinter, it creates an electromagnetic and photometric field that allows the imprinter to modify the solution. Large electromagnetic fields are commonly found in other advanced technologies such as MRI scans while fiberoptic and optical laser drives use photometric to transfer information.


Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT)

True induction lasers combined with psychophysiological testing using the SpectraVision lets you deliver effective light therapies that address sensitivities, pain relief, emotional blocks, nutritional deficiencies, detoxification protocols, and much more based on individual client needs.

2016-02-05 13.14.38

Sound Light Therapy (SLT)

A world first, New Human’s sound light therapy (SLT) attachment delivers sound frequencies via LED light directly to specified tissue depths, utilizing specialized pulsed signatures.

Multi Dimensional Support Products

Safe Remedies

You may use the imprinter to customize New Human's natural solutions from our ProtoGenx, Celicore, & Profusion botanical lines to provide a unique, equalizing remedy.

This easy process tests various products against the client’s own energy fields and lets you know what specific solutions will best support their body’s energy flow.

Step 4

Additional Suggestions & Schedule Next Appointment

happy girl

Once you've imprinted, recommend an ongoing balancing schedule for your client and increase your services by offering any of New Human's wellness protocols.

Hands-on Training & Online Tracks

Hit the ground running with our comprehensive online curriculum and hands-on training.


Online Emotox Sensitivity Elimination

It is believed that all sensitivities have an underlying Learned Emotional Response (LER).


Hands-on Intro to Bionetics

This hands-on training will show you how to use your new SpectraVision system plus Bionetic wellness protocol with clients.


Hands-on Voll Polarity Therapy

Voll Polarity Therapy is the second level training for use with SpectraVision technology, EmOtox is a prerequisite for attendance at this training.


BNC1 - Online Bionetic Counselor Level 1

This track will take you step by step through learning single channel and multichannel scans, reading and interpreting the scan results, and how to use the low-level light therapy laser (LLLT).


BNC2 - Online Bionetic Counselor Level 2

The Bionetic Counselor 2 (BNC2) track is a detailed exploration of the foundational concepts of the Chinese 5 element theory, homeopathy, and homotoxicology. This course delves into holistic anatomy and physiology, diathesis and expanded clinical applications of bionetic science.

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“As a patient, I found the experience completely non-invasive. Even more amazing was the fact that after just one scan there was enough information about my sensitivities and deficiencies that the practitioner was able to offer several recommendations that helped almost immediately.”

-C. Weinbach - Columbia, SC

“My family and I (4 generations) have been going to Carol over 10 years and what a blessing she has been! She has helped our family heal from so many different issues and we have never been healthier. Carol uses SpectraVision which is amazingly accurate in pinpointing where and what is causing dis-ease in your body; then she goes to the root of the problem to bring healing. She also uses other natural healing techniques that are sound, scientific, natural ways to bring your body and mind into complete balance. Every therapy is uniquely tailored for each individual. Carol is not only a gifted healer and Naturopath but she is also a cherished family friend. “

-MLS (Rancho Santa Margarita)

“I don't know whether to be grateful or not, my sensitivities to cats have completely disappeared; now my girlfriend wants more cats!!!”

-Dr. G. Brandt, AZ

“I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in 2 months, and my carpal tunnel pain is completely gone.”

-Dr. J. Moody DC - Sacramento, CA

“I can’t believe that ANYTHING could surpass ECPR! An incredible healing process.”

-G. Ryan, DC


“I highly recommend ECPR for every health practitioner!”

-Dr. Lee, DC, PH.D

“Not even knowing that my son had food allergies we went to see Dr. Alenov for his brother. We then learned that he also had many food sensitivities. He then started the treatments with Michelle. At first I didn’t really notice anything different (he slept a lot more). Then one day it was like a light went off! He started laughing all the time, cracking jokes, being his old goofy self. I had my son back!! It is amazing how these treatments can change your life. He is a happy, confident young man now!!”

-Leah (Elk River, MN)

“My daughter rubbed whole pieces of walnuts and crumbs (which is supposed to have the most oil in it) on Blake and nothing happened. The last time he got walnut crumbs on him he ended up in Urgent Care. This is pretty amazing!”

-Charleen (Ham Lake, MN)

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