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Based on 25 years of Biofeedback Research!

Spring boarded from the field of non-cognitive biofeedback, BioEnergy BalancingTM offers a unique opportunity to examine various aspects of the energetic body.

Although “energetic” testing is not new, this latest innovation called the SV2 Insight is so advanced that it can measure even the subtlest of changes in the body. It utilizes specialized components that are designed to recognize even the smallest changes in the body, and such changes correlate with the bio-energy fields of the body. The SV2 Insight now opens an exciting view into the individual energetic patterns of each individual. It creates a view into energetic wellness and balance.

Because of the importance in supporting the energy systems of the body by use of this balancing process, now, many of the energetic blocks of wellness can be determined.

Such blocks may include resonant stress responses to toxins, such as pesticides and chemicals, or issues surrounding defenses for the viruses, bacteria, fungus or parasites, as well as energetic demands for particular vitamins and minerals. It is a completely dynamic system providing energetic insight to skeletal, nerves, organs, glands, hormones, amino acids, and hundred of other aspects of the body.

Even emotional aspects that hinder overall health can be identified. During the balance specific tones or musical compliments or colors etc. that balance the energy systems can be determined right away and can be enhanced for balance, using the HarmonizerTM (an energetic harmonic tuning system). Aspects of the energetic regulating systems of the body can now be fully assessed with incredible accuracy!

Our in house programming team work to continually develop the software and improve both the practitioner and client’s user experience.


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