Emotionally traumatic times, situations, or interactions can become a source of physical disease if not addressed and understood. E-motion, or “energy in motion,” has a great effect on every system of the body, and can cause organs to function less optimally. The body is designed to move electrons through the tissues in order to make the muscles work; or to use electrons from food in order to make digestion work. But if there is emotional distress, it can create imbalance in a related organ. According to Chinese Medicine, organs carry, control, or are related to specific emotions. Liver relates to anger; lungs relate to grief; kidneys relate to fear; the heart relates to sadness, etc. If we live in a near-constant state of anger for example, eventually the function of the liver will become debilitated.

Stuck emotions, or emotions that are held as memory in the body, can replay over and over again, eventually affecting the health of the related organ and thus the whole system. For example, long-term fear can affect the kidneys, especially if there some separation from a family member or a feeling of abandonment, eventually even increasing blood pressure. Because every physiological state is related to an emotion, many of our practitioners relate emotions to symptoms that are creating concern for the client.

At New Human, we see physical symptoms of illness as a key to psycho-emotional imbalance and disease. For example, if you’re driving your car and start to run out of gas, your gauge would indicate such. If you did not pull over and get gas, and cut the wires to the gas gauge, you could remove the feedback from the gas tank to the gauge, so you wouldn’t have to look at the needle reaching “E”. Eventually the tank will run dry and your car will come to a stop, regardless of what the gauge says. In the same way, if you choose to block a symptom, eventually your body will cease to function healthily. Choosing instead to address the root of any symptom- like filling an empty tank- restores the body to a state of ease and balance.

Because symptoms are messages from the body about imbalance within, it’s not uncommon for an emotionally rooted imbalance to manifest through a specific organ. By referencing symptoms we can learn to read messages from the body, and engage whatever emotions need to be expressed or examined, with self-awareness- and an understanding of the value of emotional expression.

Although seemingly far-fetched at first, many documented cases of concurrent emotional traumas and specific illnesses continue to support this view of health and wellness. Our software, protocols, and company philosophy are all built on this understanding, and the success of our practitioners further supports this thinking.